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Neighborgoods, the web site encouraging users in the LA area to share and share alike, is throwing a Halloween Costume Sharefor members only. Come down, bring a costume, and find a new one that you can rock out this year. Last year, I rode my bike in Critical Mass NYC on Halloween in a carelessly stitched Facebook costume. This year, I plan to fight someone to the death for the mustard costume. I’ve got ears on the inside…otherwise known as Daily Marauder shares office space with Neighborgoods.

Time: Friday October 30th at 8:00PM PT

Location: Idyllic Nerd Commune, 923 East 3rd Street #407, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Tickets: Free but you must be a member to roll so if not, sign up here.

If you’re not familiar with Neighborgoods, the site allows you to share and find things through friends or strangers. Have an extra bucket to share? Need a Kindle for a long flight? Hello Neighborgoods. You can also earn money for sharing (or shall I say renting) your stuff. And if you need some fun ideas for Halloween costumes, check this out.

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Oprah announced Saturday on her website Oprah.com that viewers can register to attend the largest book club meeting ever. Oprah’s book club has been stagnant for a while, however this latest title ‘Say You’re One of Them’ with author Uwen Akpan is number 63 of the Oprah’s Book Club. (The Examiner 10/26)

Oprah Live Book Club

Bolstered by an investment from Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest media companies, the budding new-media mogul Michael Eisner is expanding his Web video studio. (NY Times 10/26)

Yahoo is losing more ground to its nemesis, Google, according to Barron’s. In short, Yahoo’s advertising revenues are on the decline while Google’s are rising. Yahoo is “cutting expenses to the bone and producing only ‘less bad’ results,” while rival Google is “pulling away.” (Iwantmedia 10/26, Barrons10/26)

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Many people ask me about Twitter and how they can use it.  Here’s a little known fact.  I actually don’t like Twitter.  Until I noticed its promotional power for pushing traffic to my web site, I thought it was one more social networking tool in an already crowded world.  This video is dead on.  There are a whole lot of people screaming at a wall on Twitter and only a few people listening.  But for those who want to listen, there is a wealth of information to be had; information which would better you and/or your business.

So get tweeting…but please don’t share intimate details of your sex life.  It’s creepy…  Oh yeah, and join the Daily Marauder twitter feed.

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“Caroline” Copyright 2009 Matt Held and Held Studios. All rights reserved.

Here’s the painting.


And here’s the original.  Original Facebook profile pic that is.  Brooklyn artist Matt Held has been painting Facebook profile pics with the objective of collecting paintings that mirror individual self-portraits.  These paintings are a statement on how we choose to represent ourselves in public and I think a really interesting one.

Social networking sites have given us the ability to create a virtual representation of ourselves filled with our favorite bands, books, and friends.  The most visual representation of this re-creation lies in the profile picture which is carried throughout every conversation on every profile page throughout the social networking universe (i.e. the most important visual in many respects).


This one is my favorite.  Click on the image above to see more of Matt’s work on his web site.

To get your own Matt Held original, sign up for the Facebook group and cross your fingers.  Matt wants to paint 200 portraits when he finishes with this project and over 500 people have already joined his Facebook group.

He has no plans to exhibit his work just yet but will be speaking at the Brooklyn Museum of Art Saturday March 7th about the project if you’re in the NYC area.  He will also be selling these so if you’re interested in purchasing one, contact Matt on his web site.

Daily Marauder has been granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the copyrighted image for personal use only. Any other use of the image or derivations thereof, including any commercial use, without explicit written consent from the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.

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GAMING by Marauder


Reflexive Entertainment CEO Lars Brubaker has announced that Amazon has agreed to acquire the company he co-founded. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/10/21/amazon-snaps-up-video-game-provider-reflexive 10/21)

Japan‘s DeNA has plans to take its hugely popular cell phone-based, downloadable-gaming service to the U.S. next year. At the end of last month, the company’s advertising-supported flagship Web site had 11 million members. Last month, it launched MobMingle, an English-language test site that DeNA hopes will serve as a precursor to a full-blown gaming service. The Wall Street Journal (10/21)

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WIRELESS by Marauder
May 22, 2008, 2:54 PM
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SpotCrime is a mashup that plots recent criminal activity onto Google Maps, allowing users to shy away from seedier parts of towns they may not be familiar with. The company has offered a website for a few months now, and has just introduced an iPhone version (annoyingly, you have to manually navigate to http://www.spotcrime.com/iphone.php). (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/21/spotcrime-keeps-you-on-the-right-side-of-the-tracks 5/21)



The big social networking players have turned their attention toward a long-standing problem on the net usually referred to as data portability. MySpace was the first to announce a new set of tools that store all the usual profile info sites ask for then automatically transfer it to new sites you sign up for. A central, updateable interface will automatically share public profile data with Yahoo, eBay, Photobucket and Twitter. Not to be outdone, Facebook announced Facebook Connect, enabling third party sites like Digg to connect to user profiles, friends, photos, events etc. Participating web sites will also be able to allow users to log in and create accounts using their Facebook names and passwords. (Cynopsis 5/12)

Google will be launching its own data portability effort called Friend Connect. It will be announcing more details about the preview later tonight, but in a press release this morning it confirmed the product. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/12/google-confirms-friend-connect 5/12)

Microsoft didn’t approach Facebook about an acquisition after it walked away from its bid for Yahoo, despite recent news reports, say sources at the software giant. Microsoft expects to make Internet acquisitions of various sizes over time. Also, the Yahoo pursuit “really is over.” (http://money.cnn.com/2008/05/09/technology/microsoft_facebook.fortune/index.htm?postversion=2008050911 5/9)

Vidnik is a nifty new idiot proof Mac application that allows you to record video from the built in iSight camera now standard on Mac laptops and Imacs then upload it to YouTube with a single click. (Cynopsis 5/12)

And yes, the man in this video scares the crap out of me also.

Shares of the British video search engine firm Blinkx surged 50% to a seven-month high Friday on talk that News Corp. and Google may bid for the firm. Speculation  of a bid “does not sound ridiculous,” says Piper Jaffray analyst Rajeev Bahl. Blinkx has “very intelligent” technology. (Iwantmedia 5/12, http://www.reuters.com/article/businessNews/idUSL0935095020080509 5/9)

Joost continues to add shows from the vaults of producer Aaron Spelling to its P2P platform including Beverly Hills 90210, Starsky and Hutch and the latest addition – The Love Boat. (Cynopsis 5/12)

John Malone’s Liberty Media, owner of a 30% stake in the Internet company IAC/InterActiveCorp, is appealing a court decision allowing IAC chairman Barry Diller to split his firm into five parts. IAC says in a statement: “We are quite confident that the decision will not be reversed.” (Iwantmedia 5/12, http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601204&sid=av6uI1wYms6M 5/9)

Microsoft, seeking more revenue from Internet advertising, is introducing software that allows users to exchange messages while watching online videos. Users of Messenger TV, initially available in Europe, will be able to watch and share clips from companies such as MTV Networks. (Iwantmedia 5/12, http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601204&sid=axT7yzfwvKDE 5/12)

Craigslist is facing a lawsuit from eBay, accusing CEO Jim Buckmaster and founder Craig Newmark of trying to dilute its stake to reduce the online auctioneer’s potential influence. Buckmaster does not rule out a sale of the company in the long term: “We’re trying to be as useful as possible.” (Iwantmedia 5/12, http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c88ac756-1f8b-11dd-9216-000077b07658.html?nclick_check=1 5/11)

Viacom’s MTV is asking its audience to audition to be a blogger to cover the network’s MTV Movie Awards. MTV.com is seeking “someone who worships flicks and loves to blog about them.” The winner may appear on the air, so “you’ll just have to look to be between 18-30 years old.” (Iwantmedia 5/12, http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/05/09/wanted-mtv-movie-awards-blogger-your-time-is-running-out 5/9)


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