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Yesterday we reported on Nokia’s lawsuit against Apple, in which they claim the iPhone is infringing on 10 of the company’s patents relating to GSM, UMTS and WLAN technologies.Analysts have now had a chance to crunch the numbers and estimate that Apple could face shelling out between $200 million and $1 billion to satisfy the suit if successful — and go on to say that Nokia has a pretty good case. (Mashable10/23)

Nokia Lawsuit

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The Android Blog is reporting that Google has officially announced the Android Market, an App Store like solution that allows publishers to upload programs and sell them online. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/08/28/android-to-get-its-own-app-market 8/28)

Love it.  A little healthy competition with the iTunes Application Store. An application deathmatch if you will. . .  Google= free and happy.  iTunes = got there first.  Who will win?  Still putting my $5 on iTunes at this point.

An internal source at AT&T discussed the problems fixed by the 2.0.2 update, explaining, in no uncomplicated terms, that the update controlled the UMTS power control in the phone. Each iPhone requires a small amount of power from the transmitter and that power is requested by the phone itself. If too many phones ask for too much power at once, the transmitter starts shutting down, resulting in dropped calls. The iPhone 3G was asking for too much power and, in 2.0.2, has been fixed to stop requesting that power so often. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/08/28/iphone-reception-problems-are-all-your-fault 8/28)

Adding to the pool of off deck content available for mobile users, Leap WirelessCricket Communications announced a flat-rate unlimited mobile video service allowing users to view one-to-four-minute-long video clips directly from select handsets. Videos available include music videos, artist interviews, music documentaries and sports clips from Fuel TV. (Cynopsis 8/28)

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