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November 26, 2010, 4:51 PM
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As I see it, you have two choices at the holidays: spend it with your family or spend it with friends. Each has their merits of course, although in my case, spending it with friends usually involves considerably more alcohol. And this is why, this Thanksgiving, I was only too overjoyed to accept an invitation from digital maven Micki Krimmel of Neighborgoods fame and her co-hostess Cris Dobbins for a potluck dinner at their office affectionately dubbed Thanksnerding.


Photo Credit: Micki Krimmel

For the most part, the dinner was traditionally as I always remembered it: all of us fought for the oven, which incidentally had never been used before this moment, we all ate far too much and fell asleep moments after and finally cue board games.


However, being that I was in the presence of my fellow nerds, there was also a considerable amount of social media during our holiday meal. Social media in the presence of digerati is very analogous to smoking socially: we’re doing it as a collective so let’s all participate together. Where is the line between enjoying the moment and sharing the moment? Instagram being the popular drug of choice these days, we all took to our feeds to post pictures of the sleepy after shocks. We all commented on each other’s photos. At what point are we removed from the moment at hand while we navigate our mobile devices?

I really have no idea the answer to this question but Thanksnerding was a fine opportunity for me to have a good think on it. In the meantime, try borrowing something on Neighborgoods on this fine Black Friday rather than buying a bunch of crap you don’t need. Collaborative consumption gives you something else to be thankful for.

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Making the Tasty Treats

The first year my mother tried to make a turkey, she apparently over-stuffed the bird and a turkey powder keg blew a hole through the oven door exploding precious white meat all over the wall of our kitchen. Being that I had heard this story on numerous occasions, my first attempt at bird making was very well planned.

Here are a few sites to help get you started using language even the most beginner chef can understand. As an added bonus, after several years of trial-and-error, the Marauder kitchen recommends sage butter (and lots of it) underneath the skin. Also, when attempting to brine, soaking a bird in the crisper overnight is probably not the best idea…


Videos to impress the giblets out of your friends:

Amazing recipes itemized by course:

Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV offers 12 wine selections to pair with the bird, a somewhat more difficult wine-pairing item.

Giving Thanks


Last year, Epic Change launched Tweetsgiving raising $11,000 for charity in 48 hours. Those donations were used to build a classroom in Tanzania. How’s that for giving thanks? This year, the bar has been raised to $100,000. While many are returning for their third plate of stuffing, Tweetsgiving will be raising awareness across social networks from YouTube to Twitter asking users what they are thankful for. Follow @tweetsgiving on Twitter and tweet about what you’re thankful for from now until the 27th using the hashtag “#tweetsgiving” at the end of your tweet.


Socialvibe donates to charity by marketing brands such as Kraft, Timberland, and Powerbar. Every time a brand is successfully marketed, charity benefits. At first, I thought this sounded a little sleazy. But really, marketers scream for your attention on a daily basis. At least in this case, charities benefit somewhere along the line.

Download the Thanksgiving Feast App to play. Every time you add a meal to the table, a real meal is provided through the UN World Food Programme.

Setting the Mood: Best Thanksgiving Song

Sure, this song is old but no has yet to top Adam Sandler on the joys of Thanksgiving.

Talking Tryptophan

Yet again this year, you can get your thanks on via many of your favorite social networks.

Get real-time cooking advice from the Butterball team either on their Twitter feed or Facebook page.

What to do when mom locks herself in the bathroom because your 35-year old brother insists on making fart noises at the table? Butterball may not have the answer for that one…

Get your spirit on with 23,000 of your other friends on the Thanksgiving fan page.

Mobile App Fun

iHost: Thanksgiving

Developed by a Rhode Islander (big-ups to my home state), iHost helps you get organized from menu, shopping list to budget. Their most recent update supposedly added recipes from local Newport, RI chefs. A little Rhode Island flavor has come to southern California. Very nice.

Chef’s Timer

If you’ve cooked with your iPhone in tow, as I always do, you know the device only has one timer. In most situations, that works just fine. But, what about situations where you have three side dishes and a turkey crammed into your tiny NYC oven while your friends stare at your assortment of tiny snacks in disdain? Yup…there’s an app for that.

Thanksgiving = Football

For those of you who know me, you understand why this comes last in the list. I know next to nothing about football. I do know that the grunting emanating from living rooms countrywide leads me to believe that you all care. This year, the NFL is offering a central portal for all 3 Thanksgiving games.

From Marauder’s home to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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GAMING by Marauder
December 9, 2008, 7:57 PM
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Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo Co., is a highly unconventional thinker who was a driving force behind a casual-gaming platform known as the Wii that, when it was introduced, debunked the myth that video games were just for young males, according to this profile of the executive. The Wii recorded sales of 34.6 million units through September. Reuters (12/8)

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Nokia is pushing hard for consolidation, looking to make their smartphones the go-to device for communication. One of the major announcements at Nokia World 2008 this year is about their Nokia Messaging solution. It is essentially a multi-platform messaging solution that enables email considerably more gracefully than the original Symbian interface. (http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/12/02/nokia-world-2008-nokia-messaging 12/2)


A common concern for advertisers is the worry of having their brand appear online next to suggestive or smutty material. YouTube weighed in on the controversial topic of racy user generated content by outlining stricter standards for postings it considers only appropriate for viewers 18 or older. While nudity and sex are always flagged for removal, videos that skirt the line will be henceforth “algorithmically demoted” so as not to appear in Most Viewed, Top Favorites or other prominent browsing pages. Also, the site will select thumbnail images for videos rather than auto-generating them at predefined points in a video. (Cynopsis 12/4)

After a tepid start, online holiday sales seem to be picking up a bit. Online sales on Cyber Monday as measured by comScore were a healthy $846 million, up 15 percent from last year’s Cyber Monday. Online sales since Thanksgiving are up 12 percent to $2.4 billion. But overall online sales in November of $12 billion are still down 2 percent. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/03/online-holiday-sales-making-a-comeback-or-barely-holding-their-own 12/3)


Yahoo continues to outsource lots of businesses it previously built and maintained directly. Especially in music – In February they shut their subscription music service, and in September they announced a deal to allow full song playbacks through the Rhapsody service. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/03/yahoo-to-relaunch-launchcast-next-year-with-cbs-radio 12/3)


Google may get three times more search traffic than Yahoo, but, SearchWiki aside, most of the innovation seems to be coming from Yahoo and Microsoft’s Live Search as they strive to gain a larger slice of the search market share.  Last year Yahoo introduced Search Assist, an advanced autocomplete feature that recommends related searches as you type your query into the search box. Autocomplete isn’t a new concept – Google has offered it for years through Firefox and its browser toolbar (and recently integrated it into its homepage). But Yahoo takes it a step further, going beyond just guessing what word you’re typing by suggesting possible related searches. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/03/yahoo-search-assist-adds-image-previews-i-wish-google-had-this 12/3)

Online tracking service Trendrr unveiled a new tool that tracks and graphs usage of words and phrases on Twitter. The service, currently available for no charge, creates usage graphs that illustrate the number of posts per hour, per day or longer made by Twitter’s 3.4 million users.  Results can be measured against other data via the site’s Scratchpad tool including blog and news buzz. (Cynopsis 12/4)

I tried it out and it is pretty snazzy.  Wondering how accurate it is though.


(Below) This bit of news makes me want to run around the office kissing people.  Affordable broadband to rural areas and hopefully underprivileged neighborhoods?  Damn, it feels good to be an American.  Oh wait, we charge more for broadband than most other countries around the globe.  Damn, it WILL feel good to be an American.

A coalition of companies and organizations including Verizon, Google and the American Library Assoc. unveiled recommendations for a comprehensive National Broadband Strategy on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. The treatise calls on President-elect Obama to stimulate investment in broadband infrastructure by deploying tax incentives, grants, subsidies and other measures. Bringing affordable broadband to rural areas remain one of the key challenges in the U.S. as more than 10% of Americans still have no broadband access. (Cynopsis 12/4)

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Bravo surged last Tuesday night as The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted season four at 10p with 1.37 million A18-49 viewers and 1.87 million total viewers. This episode drew in 51% more A18-49 viewers compared to the season three premiere on November 6, 2007 (1.37 million vs. 909,000) and Tuesday’s episode was the highest-rated Real Housewives franchise season premiere ever with both A18-49 and total viewers. Bravo also scored big viewer numbers with The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Watch What Happens Reunion Special at 9p, driving in 2.05 million A18-49 viewers and 2.81 total viewers. (Cynopsis 12/1)


Final estimates for the November Sweep will be out today and available tomorrow (delayed because of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend), yet the early expectation is ABC will secure its fourth consecutive November sweep among A18-49 by a small margin. CBS should win among A25-54 and with total viewers while NBC will be in third place followed by FOX and The CW. However, all of the broadcast networks are expected to be down an estimated -9% in viewership compared to the same period in 2007, due in part to losing viewers to heavy political coverage on the cable networks earlier in November. (Cynopsis 12/1)

Only 5 million fans of Rosie O’Donnell tuned into her NBC variety show last Wednesday night — prompting Ro to pull the plug on “Rosie Live.” “There will b no more,” O’Donnell wrote on her blog. “No ratings. Bad reviews.” She ended her blog post with, “Still — a thrill 4 me.” (Iwantmedia 12/1, http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2008/11/rosie_live_canned.php 11/30)


With some exceptions, cable stocks are expected to continue to outperform market forecasts, according to this article. The theory is that when the economy turns south, people don’t stop watching television, using their computer or talking on the telephone, which is good news for triple-play-toting cable providers. The Wall Street Journal (11/29)


NBC has an unnamed procedural drama in its development pipeline from writer Frank Spotnitz with actress Gabrielle Union in the lead, reports Variety. The plot is about a detective (Union) who must move quickly to save a person’s life before it is too late. (Cynopsis 12/1)

While the broadcast networks are scaling back new pilot orders and opting to repurpose more content, their cable TV brethren aggressively are developing a record number of new programming projects, according to this report. Take a look at HBO, for instance: The pay-cabler has 20 comedies and dramas in the hopper. Variety (11/26)

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There is no Daily Marauder edition tomorrow Thursday November 27th or Friday November 28th.  In honor of this Thanksgiving, I bring you the top Thanksgiving meltdown moment as offered up from Cast TV’s Marie DeOrio. I know it looks like Aliens-meets-chicken, but I assure you, it’s a turkey. Happy gobble day all.

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TECHNOLOGY by Marauder


Wal-Mart is letting the Black Friday cat out of the bag a bit early this year to get shoppers excited about its post-Thanksgiving deals, which will include a limited number of Wii consoles priced at $249.24 on Friday and Saturday. “Our customers are relying on us more than ever in the current economic environment and we are well-positioned to serve them now and in the future,” Chairman Rob Walton wrote in an employee memo. Reuters (11/21)

The Consumer Electronics Association predicts a 3.5% increase in sales of all electronics in the fourth quarter, although analysts say HD sales are slowing down because buyers are scaling back. “We have the DTV transition, which is a hard cutoff date, this coming February, and [that] helps gets consumers into stores,” said Gary Shapiro, CEA’s president and CEO, who noted that cell phones and HDTVs are no longer seen as luxury items to consumers. Broadcasting & Cable (11/24)

In early 2009, Panasonic plans to bring two new full-HD plasmas to market: TH-65VX100 and TH-50VX100, which have contrast ratios of 60,000:1 and 30,000:1, respectively. Both sets will feature Dynamic Black Layer technology. Pocket-lint.co.uk (11/24)

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