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Yesterday in San Francisco, AT&T held a Tech Showcase to show off some of the new innovations they are working on in their labs. One such thing I got a demo of was a way to use your iPhone to search television content simply by using your voice. (Techcrunch11/5)

U.S. unit sales of boxed copies of Windows 7 were 234% higher during the new operating system’s first few days on store shelves than the comparable period two years ago for Windows Vista, according to research firm NPD Group. But one analyst quoted in this report said the Windows 7 effect so far on the PC market as a whole had been “mixed.” The Wall Street Journal (11/6)

Redbox, operator of the $1-a-night DVD kiosks that are controversial among Hollywood studios, is reporting that revenue grew 90% in the third quarter and operating income nearly doubled. The company says it could “easily grow” its current 20,600 kiosks to nearly 60,000. (Iwantmedia11/6, LA Times 11/6)

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TECHNOLOGY by Marauder
October 21, 2009, 11:17 AM
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As Mashable reported earlier yesterday, Apple’s online store went down for updates earlier today, amidst rumors of new products and product updates. Now that the store is back online, the new products up up for display.So what’s new? Well, as usual, intricate accuracy of the rumors proved to be true: new iMacs with slight redesigns and brighter, larger displays, updated Mac minis (including a Mac OS X server option), a newly designed MacBook and a new multi-touch mouse (which was rumored early in the month) that will finally free Mac users from the Mighty Mouse’s impossible-to-keep-clean clutches. (Mashable 10/21)

New imac

The Nook, Barnes & Noble’s new ereader, has upped the ante. With a small, 3.5-inch LCD screen in the lower quadrant, the Nook adds touch capabilities that the Kindle definitely does not have. (Techcrunch10/20)

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TECHNOLOGY by Marauder
May 20, 2009, 2:43 PM
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Dell has introduced the Latitude 2100, its first netbook computer designed for students from kindergarten to grade eight. The computer, which starts out at $369, features a 10-inch screen, a sturdy rubberized shell and an anti-microbial keyboard. The Wall Street Journal/The Associated Press (5/19)

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TECHNOLOGY by Marauder
March 24, 2009, 2:39 AM
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Google, according to this report, could have a huge opportunity in the future if it decides to migrate its Linux-based Android operating system, originally designed for cell phones, to low-power, low-cost netbook computers. Android performed well during a test run on Asus Eee PC netbooks, and Asus engineers apparently are working on a model that runs on the Android OS. CIO.com (3/23)

Sharp Japan has three new Aquos HDTVs on tap that are all said to be energy-efficient while also featuring 1920×1080 resolution 120Hz speed panels, a 15,000:1 contrast ratio and 450cd/m2 brightness. The new line comes in 40-, 46- and 52-inch models. Electronista (3/23)

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January 13, 2009, 10:07 PM
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I’ll buy anything if it’s shiny and made by Apple.  I love The Onion. . .

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January 12, 2009, 1:42 AM
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On Friday, a day after Palm presented their newest smart phone dubbed the Palm Pre to the press, I got a hands-on demo of the device.  Initially, when I heard all of the noise surrounding the newest Palm, I didn’t quite understand the draw.  Touch screen, beautiful screen, proprietary operating system, blah blah blah

But then, I saw it in action.

As a proud card carrying member of the iPhone club, I pride myself on being ahead of the curve in mobile device land.  Well, this little gleaming slickster, might give me a bit of competition with the Palm users.

Here’s the dilly.




  • It’s curvy like Kim Kardashian. As you can see from the picture above, the device slides open to produce a curved interface. Not only does this orientation reduce glare, it actually fits the contours of your face more importantly.  Sweet.
  • 3.1” touch screen which is just a smidge smaller than the 3.5” Apple screen.
  • 1 button on the outside of the device which acts as the home button


  • Sports its own proprietary operating system with lovable little title webOS.  Who names these things?  The operating system empowers the interesting features below.
  • The device works off of gestures taking the touch screen usability of the iPhone to the next level.  Slide your finger across the bottom of the screen to go back to the previous screen.  Slide your finger up to produce the navigation bar.  Yah, you really need to see it to understand.  Check out the video above.


  • (Image above) Contact and calendar synchronization: The Palm Pre collects information from Facebook, Google and Exchange combining information from multiple sources in one contact.  Your client changes his contact number in Facebook?  Your Palm Pre automatically updates that for you.  Hotness.


  • (Image above) The browser brings up web pages in the computer-ready way you’re used to.
  • The iPhone accelerometer is pretty damn sensitive.  This one is a little less so meaning that it won’t switch as much orientations as much when you’re not ready for it.
  • If you’ve used an iPhone, you know that notifications such as an SMS message demand attention upon reception.  It’s like when your two-year old demands your attention while you’re on the phone.  You must either reply or close immediately.  The Palm Pre, in comparison, brings up a notification on the bottom half of the screen.  Swipe the notification away and the alert will still be posted within your text messages showing that you need to deal with it later.


  • (Image Above) The messaging applications combines text messaging and instant chat conversations with one contact in one screen aggregating the convo from multiple angles.  Brilliant.
  • Users can buy DRM-free songs on the device through the Amazon store.
  • The phone charges via phone dock.  Just place the phone on the dock and instant charge.  No wires.  Ahhhhh.

My only con so far is the lack of video camera…but then again, with an iPhone, I’m used to going without there. In essence, this device is about simplifying your messy life, not adding more nice-to-have features.

A little more of this:


Photo Credit: Caroline Giegerich

And a little less of this:


Photo Credit: Caroline Giegerich

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TECHNOLOGY by Marauder


Visits to Amazon.com rose 6% on Oct. 24, the day Oprah Winfey endorsed the online retailer’s Kindle e-reading device on her television show. A 6% bump can translate into hundreds of thousands of visitors. Also, the word “kindle” saw a 479% bump in search traffic that day. (Iwantmedia 11/3, http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=132194 11/3)Amazon Kindle

Television news outlets are “going all-out” for their Election Night coverage. CNN will employ a “virtual-reality Capitol” to track control of Congress, as well as a “holograph projection device” for interviews. Execs fear that viewers will turn away “if you do just traditional stuff.” (Iwantmedia 11/3, http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081102/ap_en_tv/ap_on_tv_election_night 11/2)Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. ...

With its Kirikabu speaker, JVC is going green … literally. The new device not only features multidirectional audio with a woofer and left- and right-channel stereo, its design also includes small bowllike planters for potted greenery. Pocket-lint.co.uk (10/31)

Microsoft is expected to report today that it has substantially improved security on its Windows operating system, but that computer threats via viruses and fraud have become more frequent and more pernicious. In its latest “Security Intelligence Report,” the company will report that the amount of harmful software removed from computers using Windows increased 43% in the first half of this year. The New York Times (11/3)

Consumer-electronics retailer Circuit City announced today that it will close 155 underperforming stores, exit select markets completely and trim its work force by 17%. “We are making a number of difficult, but necessary, decisions to address the company’s financial situation as quickly as possible,” said James A. Marcum, vice chairman and acting president and CEO of Circuit City. Richmond Times-Dispatch (Va.) (11/3) , Gizmodo (11/3)

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