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First thing’s first, Happy almost Valentine’s Day with a little love from Google and some geeky Valentine’s Day cards.


By now, you’re well versed in the loss of Whitney Houston Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton directly before a pre-Grammy event being thrown by the man who discovered her: Clive Davis. I recommend reading the rest of this post with the following background track. Whitney Houston’s voice has been making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end since I was a little girl. She also convinced me, incorrectly I might add, that pink eye shadow was a fantastic decision for a 7-year old. May she rest in peace.


Last night, Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to the talented Houston belting out “I Will Always Love You” in a truly sweet and very simple performance. For all of the producers of the Grammys, please take notice of what happened in your show last night. The sad passing of Ms. Houston brought emotion back to your show. Music is the fabric which connects us together and recognizing this stitching is what transforms a show from meh to great.


Unfortunately, CBS didn’t get the memo about the connecting powers of music. While the east coast was watching the Grammys live as it was happening in LA, the west coast had to wait 3 hours to watch a show which was happening, for some, in their own zip code. So, let me address CBS directly. Delaying your broadcast of the Grammys on the west coast is one of the most ridiculous, vile things a broadcaster could possibly do. Here are some tweets from Piers Morgan of CNN, Brian Stelter of the NY Times, & Shira Lazar of What’s Trending (formerly on CBS) outlining the failure.


If you want to know why the entertainment business is stumbling, here is one of the best examples. While we were all tweeting away about the Grammys on the east coast, our digital counterparts on the west coast were sitting and watching the events unfold in 140 characters of text rather than in video. By the time the west coast was ‘allowed’ to watch, many social media enthusiasts had already ‘watched’ the show. The reason live events, like this one, are so powerful is based heavily on the connection we feel to family, friends, and strangers alike in different time zones taped together by the social networks. Facebook and Twitter sit us all down on our community couch, and like in Coolio’s ‘Fantastic Voyage’, we somehow all fit. Last night CBS, you disconnected us. You put us in competition with each other. You delayed a show on the west coast which was happening live IN THAT MARKET. You ran tweets on your own live feed which literally ruined the biggest moments of your own show for that audience. Please don’t cry to me about the legal ramifications continuing to persist an antiquated model. Fix it.


Back to Miss Whitney. What you may not know about her death is that it was reported 27 minutes before major news outlets on Twitter. This, along with stories like it, represents a significant shift in the reporting of news, one that has rested in the hands of professionals with journalism degrees and now has shifted to anyone with a smart phone and a Twitter account. But slow down Gossip Girl. It’s not that simple. Twitter urges us to believe that speed should always be prioritized. Speed is pretty tasty especially when Keanu Reaves is starring. That said, there are several examples of Twitter setting the stage for misinformation.


One such example is evident in the reporting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ “death” beginning with a tweet from NPR. Of course, Ms Giffords was shot but not in fact killed. NPR’s tweet created a cavalcade of tweets from other major media organizations including the Huffington Post and Reuters. What this represents is the classic antagonism between speed and quality. Major news organizations like the New York Times and others have to weight the information in front of them and double-check the sources before they can officially report on anything. Citizens on the street don’t have to double-check their sources and therefore speed to tweet before asking any questions whatsoever.


So, which is better? Should the NY Times run a Twitter feed of a news story in progress on their site even before that news is verified? I try to play anthropologist on my own behavior when I’m trying to track a story of this nature. I immediately access my own Twitter feed with the anchor text of whatever I want more information about, in this case “Whitney Houston.” The sources I find there are partially verified by the fact that I follow them, increasing their accuracy at least in certain respects. I have become an editor of my Twitter feed, attempting to verify accuracy on my own, rather than waiting for the NY Times to do it. Why? We all want to be the first one to ‘break’ a story to our friends, confirming that we are in-the-know and on top of events like this one. I found out about Whitney Houston’s death in Providence, RI while visiting my mother. She had gone into a bathroom in the restaurant we were eating at and came out armed with information that another woman had told her after reading a text on her phone. While in the car on the way back home, I verified the news on my social networks, again, playing editor to the information supplied.


In other news, Pinterest experiences the slap of the hockey stick to 10MM users drawing substantial growth from the middle of the US, one dad teaches his teenager a lesson with a 45 and her laptop. Apple rises to the top, and Redbox reverse engineers to add a streaming service.


Some more Cool Sh-t:

Giving Your Order with the Click of a Table

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Electronic Arts announced that it plans to acquire the assets of Playfish, a London-based developer of online social games, for at least $275 million. Meanwhile, the company said it will cut 17% of its workforce — about 1,500 jobs — and close several facilities in hopes of saving about $100 million annually. The Wall Street Journal (11/9) , Reuters (11/9)


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November 9, 2009, 11:39 AM
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Nokia is partnering with Island Def Jam Music and UMG International artist Rihanna to promote its new X6 handset, which ships with Nokia’s Comes With Music unlimited streaming service. Rihanna will perform select tracks from her new album “Rated R” in London on Nov. 16, and the show will be broadcast live at nokia.com/rihanna and streamed to Nokia handsets. The site will also feature UGC-uploaded videos shot by attendees via their Nokia X6 phones. Nokia will make an exclusive Rihanna application and exclusive footage from her London gig available at the Ovi Store and in selected territories, as well as an exclusive window to the track, ‘Wait Your Turn’ from the album before its release. (Cynopsis11/9)

Can someone send me a Nokia phone so I can watch? I never realized how adorable her accent is.

Rihanna Nokia

Twitter plans to unveil a “geolocation” feature that will make the flood of tweets on a particular subject more relevant. Twitter will employ GPS on cellphones to allow users to include a precise location with each tweet. “Proximity can be this proxy for relevance.” (Iwantmedia11/9, NYT11/9)

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It looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, but really this telescope-like device is called a telectroscope.  The device is part history and part creative spirit connecting New York to London though a 37 x 11 foot telectroscope.  Real time images are captured in both locations and delivered via a small circular video screen inside the teletroscope.  If you haven’t yet ventured out to Brooklyn or the Tower Bridge in London, you have until June 15th to get your view on so get on it.  The teletroscope is free to view in Brooklyn (Woot!) but £1 in London.

Check out the video below to get a taste of the experience.  If you’re looking for a place to get your flirt on, this seemed the spot to do it especially being that London is 5 hours ahead of NYC (i.e. several drinks ahead).

Teletroscope Video

New York


The Artist

Paul St. George is a multimedia artist and sculptor currently residing in London.  St. George blurs the line between spectacle and viewer participation in his work.

The Supposed History

A little bit of lore and imagination crafted this story.  Supposedly St. George discovered the drawings of his great-grandfather in his attic and uncovered a tunnel from London to New York.  Through a series of complex mirrors and lenses, the teletroscope would provide a live link between the two cities.  In actuality, the video is connected via existing fiber optic networks.


$787,000 as underwritten by the British government grants and private sponsorship

In short. . .check it out.  You’ll dig.  Many thanks to Jedi for clueing me in.

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Coming to a NYC waterway near you, waterfalls. That’s right. . .waterfalls.

Conceived by artist Olafur Eliasson and commissioned by the Public Art Fund, the waterfalls are meant to highlight the city’s natural elements alongside the industrial urban environment.

The Artist

The above image was dubbed The Weather Project and was installed in The Tate Modern in London in November 2003. Even though there was no heat emitted from the ‘sun’, visitors still took the opportunity to lie on the floor and sunbathe.

This is a great example of Eliasson’s work attempting to explore the way we interact with our environment through exhibition.

Born in Copenhagen in 1967, he now lives in Germany.

Opening tonight at the MoMa NY and thereafter at PS1 in Long Island City, the artist will present Take Your Time, an exhibition originally constructed in the MoMa San Francisco. This time around, the exhibit includes new works each focused on the intersection of nature and culture.

The Waterfalls

Seen here; a rendition of the waterfall to be located at Pier 35 in Manhattan. The falls will be constructed to be 90 to 120 ft in height using building materials readily available in NYC. The backbone will be made of scaffolding while pumps will bring water from the East River to the top. Don’t worry about the fishies. They’re protected by a filter which keeps aquatic life out and yummy East River water in.

Map of Waterfall Locations

Four locations will be scattered around the city as seen in the above map and will be viewable by land and by boat. Circle Line Tours will be offering the up-close experience daily from Pier 16 in Manhattan. Here’s the best part. The ride will either be free or discounted to the public.

Countdown to Waterfall

The waterfalls will be available for viewing from mid-July through mid-October, operating from 10AM – 7PM seven days a week.

Update: Caught a glimpse of the waterfalls under the Brooklyn Bridge (see below) this morning (6/26) on my ride.  Looks live kids.

For more information, click here to visit the website. . .which is by the way also very cool. Click on any of the icons on the left to see what I mean.

Donate to the Public Art Fund

The Public Art Fund works with both emerging and established artists to produce cultural exhibits around NYC. If you dig what they do, donate here.

Photos to Come

Meet the waterfall to be located underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Being that I bike by this location daily, expect photos from me. This makes me happy. . .and in a city sometimes filled with anxiety, we all need a bit more happy. Waterfall on people.

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