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December 23, 2008, 8:37 PM
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New software allows iPhone users to print photos via an HP‘s inkjet printer linked to a Wi-Fi network. HP’s iPrint Photo application currently prints only JPEG images and may be interrupted if a phone call or text message comes in. PCWorld/IDG News Service (12/22)


Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous – perhaps moreso than driving under the influence according to some studies – yet it is a widespread habit that is socially acceptable, especially among younger crowds. The solution may wind up coming not from the lawmakers, but from the phones themselves. Technology firm eLYK Innovation has created a $10 application called Textecution for Google’s Android mobile platform that will sit in the background and use the phone’s GPS system to detect whenever the phone is moving faster than 10 MPH, at which time the app will deactivate the phone’s SMS capabilities. Once the phone comes to a standstill (say, at a stop light) the driver will be allowed to text again within a few seconds. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/22/textecution-hopes-to-put-an-end-to-texting-while-driving 12/22)


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November 20, 2008, 12:56 AM
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Hewlett-Packard today is expected to debut the tx2, a notebook PC that is multitouch-enabled, beating rival Apple to the punch. The tx2 allows users to perform a number of tasks by placing two fingers on the screen, including dragging files around and changing the size and orientation of graphical elements. BusinessWeek (11/19)

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HP said it would introduce a laptop computer featuring touch-screen technology by year-end. HP, which like other computer companies, is doing what it can to boost sales in a bad economy with a potentially soft holiday sales season looming. The Wall Street Journal (10/16)

Gateway has rolled out a pair of new desktop computers equipped with quad-core processors that, according to the company, are priced to sell, especially to gamers and digital-media lovers. The FX6710 and LX6200 both feature 750GB of storage, at least 6GB of RAM, fast graphics processing, Vista Premium, similar 15-in-1 card readers and 18x DVD±RW burners. Digital Trends (10/16)

Sales of notebook computers will continue to grow this year and into next, according to marketing-forecast firm DisplaySearch. The newfound popularity of notebooks, as well as mini-notebooks that are typically low on frills as well as price, will lead to 153 million units, notebooks and mini-notebooks combined, being shipped this year, DisplaySearch predicts. Electronista (10/16)

MiTAC International has introduced its Mio Moov 380, which the company says is the first in-car GPS system to feature a built-in SIM card for wireless Internet searches while on the go. MiTAC Vice President Samuel Wang said the device offered a variety of location-oriented services, such as positioning, navigation, tracing and leisure-entertainment searches. China Economic News Service (Taiwan) (10/17)

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August 6, 2008, 11:09 PM
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ZeeVee is now shipping its ZvBox, which allows users to stream media content from a PC to multiple HDTVs. The ZvBox “localcasts” the content on a channel called Zv to all the HDTVs in the home, with no subscription required. The ZvBox, at a suggested retail price of $499, is sold at Amazon, Best Buy, J&R and other electronics stores. CEPro.com (8/5)

Hewlett-Packard Co. senses the future of computing will be done with touch screens similar to the interface of Apple’s iPhone. According to one estimate from iSuppli, the number of touch-screen devices should more than double to 800 million by 2013. “We see touch as the almost preferred method for nontechnical users,” said an HP spokesman. The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Newswires (subscription required) (8/6)

HP’s Expansion Base Docking Stations connect to any HP laptops and add a number of ports including an S-video out, allowing you to plug in peripherals without having to plug and unplug them every time you get up. The cheapest of these goes for about $100, while the more advanced costs over $300, including a DVD Rom drive. Simply connect an S-video cord to the back of your TV and you’re good to go. (Cynopsis 8/6)

Sharp has announced a new addition to its product line of high-definition LCD TVs with the 42-inch LC-42SB45U, which will be available in September for $1,399. The 42-inch model joins the 46-inch model ($1,699) and 52-inch model ($2,299) currently on the market. All of the models come with a dedicated PC input and pixel-response time of 6ms. TWICE (8/5)

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