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Remember this cinematic classic? The Ring (and yes the American version) still goes down as one of my favorite Halloween films of all time. That’s why I was more than pleased to turn myself into Samara from the scariest portion of the film: the ending in which she climbs through the television.

Daily Marauder Halloween

Considering that I’ve been working in television for 4 years, there’s nothing scarier than a small child with really horrible hair extensions climbing through my tube. Girl, let me help you fix that weave! Now, I too can be Samara in yet another way to waste time on the internet. Yay!

Go grab your creepiest pic of you and head over to Seenow.com for some Halloween fun. And remember, don’t do what I do on Halloween and insist on eating every last candy corn pumpkin in the bag.

Vomit Pumpkin

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Tis the season to be overly stressed about gift-giving. Here’s a list of five gadgets to make the techno-geek on your list happy.

For the overzealous picture-taker: Canon PowerShot SD850 IS


Click on the image above to see the CNET Review. Priced at $256, this camera packs in the features with 8 megapixels, image stabilization, face recognition, 4X optical zoom and a genuine optical eyepiece viewfinder. I’ve had a Canon PowerShot series for two years and have absolutely no complaints and thousands of priceless picture moments.

For the guy who would rather be golfing right now: Lawnbott LB3200


You’ve heard about the vacuuming robot that cleans your house while you relax on the couch. But have you heard of the robot that mows your lawn electronically? As an urban dweller, I don’t even HAVE a lawn. I still think this is hot.

Trimming up to 30,000 square feet, this little bot shifts direction whenever it bumps into an object at least 4 inches high or detects an owner-created perimeter wire. Lazy has now reached new depths. Price: $2,499 Trim on little bot. I’m going hammocking.

For the video blogger: Flip Video Ultra


Nicely accessorized in 5 colors, the Flip Video Ultra comes in either a 1GB (30 minutes of VGA-quality video) or 2GB (60 minutes of VGA-quality video) priced at either $150 or $180 respectively. The ultra compact camcorder offers on-board software enabling editing, organizing, and seamless uploading to AOL and YouTube. The Flip Ultra also comes equipped with a flip-out USB port for connecting to your PC. I’m in love.

For the iPhone Hater: LG Voyager


Everyone’s waiting for the iPhone killer to touch down and put some serious hurtin’ on Jobs’ baby. I’m not sure this is the product to do it but it does bring it with some very cool features. Click the image amove for InfoSync’s video review. The highlights for me:

· Haptic feedback on the touch screen: When the screen is tapped, a vibration lets the user know that a key has been depressed. Love it. Hook it up Apple.

· Camera: Similar to the iPhone, the LG Voyager sports a 2 megapixel on-board camera. While the camera on the iPhone can get a bit sloppy and doesn’t capture video, the LG Voyager excels with video capture and a camera that sports superior accuracy.

· TV Viewing


Above is a snapshot of the user interface for Verizon’s VCast Mobile TV product and 85% of the reason why I’m so enamored with this phone. For the time being, the channel offerings are limited to 8, but include CBS Mobile, NBC Mobile, NBC News, Fox Mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV Mobile, and Nickelodeon under the basic package. The video offered is either streaming (live albeit for a few second delay as compared to standard TV) or on demand.

In short, I dig.


For the urban dweller who secretly wishes she had a back yard: Sagaform Bucket Grill


For us common city folk, your average grill is way too large for our modest-sized apartments. Enter compact grill above stage left. This tiny wonder offers 10 inches of grilling goodness; enough surface area for six hot dogs or three burgers. Click the image above for Wired’s review. Price: $40 I can’t wait for summer. Rooftop barbecue anyone?


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