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Making the Tasty Treats

The first year my mother tried to make a turkey, she apparently over-stuffed the bird and a turkey powder keg blew a hole through the oven door exploding precious white meat all over the wall of our kitchen. Being that I had heard this story on numerous occasions, my first attempt at bird making was very well planned.

Here are a few sites to help get you started using language even the most beginner chef can understand. As an added bonus, after several years of trial-and-error, the Marauder kitchen recommends sage butter (and lots of it) underneath the skin. Also, when attempting to brine, soaking a bird in the crisper overnight is probably not the best idea…


Videos to impress the giblets out of your friends:

Amazing recipes itemized by course:

Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV offers 12 wine selections to pair with the bird, a somewhat more difficult wine-pairing item.

Giving Thanks


Last year, Epic Change launched Tweetsgiving raising $11,000 for charity in 48 hours. Those donations were used to build a classroom in Tanzania. How’s that for giving thanks? This year, the bar has been raised to $100,000. While many are returning for their third plate of stuffing, Tweetsgiving will be raising awareness across social networks from YouTube to Twitter asking users what they are thankful for. Follow @tweetsgiving on Twitter and tweet about what you’re thankful for from now until the 27th using the hashtag “#tweetsgiving” at the end of your tweet.


Socialvibe donates to charity by marketing brands such as Kraft, Timberland, and Powerbar. Every time a brand is successfully marketed, charity benefits. At first, I thought this sounded a little sleazy. But really, marketers scream for your attention on a daily basis. At least in this case, charities benefit somewhere along the line.

Download the Thanksgiving Feast App to play. Every time you add a meal to the table, a real meal is provided through the UN World Food Programme.

Setting the Mood: Best Thanksgiving Song

Sure, this song is old but no has yet to top Adam Sandler on the joys of Thanksgiving.

Talking Tryptophan

Yet again this year, you can get your thanks on via many of your favorite social networks.

Get real-time cooking advice from the Butterball team either on their Twitter feed or Facebook page.

What to do when mom locks herself in the bathroom because your 35-year old brother insists on making fart noises at the table? Butterball may not have the answer for that one…

Get your spirit on with 23,000 of your other friends on the Thanksgiving fan page.

Mobile App Fun

iHost: Thanksgiving

Developed by a Rhode Islander (big-ups to my home state), iHost helps you get organized from menu, shopping list to budget. Their most recent update supposedly added recipes from local Newport, RI chefs. A little Rhode Island flavor has come to southern California. Very nice.

Chef’s Timer

If you’ve cooked with your iPhone in tow, as I always do, you know the device only has one timer. In most situations, that works just fine. But, what about situations where you have three side dishes and a turkey crammed into your tiny NYC oven while your friends stare at your assortment of tiny snacks in disdain? Yup…there’s an app for that.

Thanksgiving = Football

For those of you who know me, you understand why this comes last in the list. I know next to nothing about football. I do know that the grunting emanating from living rooms countrywide leads me to believe that you all care. This year, the NFL is offering a central portal for all 3 Thanksgiving games.

From Marauder’s home to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Today, being one year older, I head to my most favorite place on earth to taste some wine and turn off my phone. Five years ago, the movie Sideways released and a furor of wine tourists flourished to Los Olivos, Santa Barbara wine country.

I’ll head to my favorite winery, Rusack Vineyards, and like I always do, stand in their tasting room and gush over their Anacapa using such proverbial phrases as “awesome town” and “I dig it.”

Wine tasting is a tradition trending from the 14thcentury and onward. There are typically four stages in a wine tasting from appearance, smell, mouth feel, and finish.

But in the age of online media, wine tasting has evolved from the traditional tasting room experience to social communities of online wine-drinkers. Here are a few sites helping to transform the industry and introduce wine to a whole new generation.

Online Video

Wine Library TV

Gary Vaynerchuk, online entrepreneur, debuted the “Thunder Show” in 2006 attracting some 100,000 viewers per episode. Weekly online episodes attempt to deconstruct wine tasting and the entrenched associated wine lingo. I mean, when’s the last time you described a wine as tasting like “wet clay”?

In this, my favorite episode, Gary attempts to pair his favorite cereals with the proper wine. Riesling and Captain Crunch? Yes please.

Social Community


Cork’d allows wine tasters an online tasting room experience. Rate and review wines that you’ve tasting creating a library of your wine tasting experience. Share your notes with friends to get your wine community on.

Twitter Search

Twitter Search Wine

While there are sites that aggregate wine tweets like Wine Twits, a simple Twitter search is usually by far more effective and interesting. As I soon plan to be holding a delightful Pinot in my hand, I figured a little Twitter search was in order. @Wine Bistro I’m on board. Let’s go tasting!

Apart from simple searches, some are taking the onslaught of Twitter communication to the tasting room itself. Instead of walking around the winery, pen in hand, now wine tasters can tweet their tasting notes. City Winery in NYC tried their hand at this concept just last week with their Spit & Twit event. Alex Baldwin, Marketing Director at City Winery tells me, “It was a very successful initial effort in connecting the online and offline worlds. Participation was very high during the event and afterwards. All of these things are experimental in the world of the unproven but overall we were very happy with the turn out.”

Wine Blogs

Dr Vino

There are several choices to choose from when looking for a good wine blog. Tyler Colman has a PhD in political science and is a wine educator at New York University and the University of Chicago. He has written about wine in many publications from The New York Times to Food & Wine. So, yes, he’s highly accredited. But simply, I like his blog better than the other highly rated wine blogs because he speaks in a manner in which the non-wine educated masses can understand. He also tends to run a visually driven site, which I firmly believe to be the best way to communicate.

So, I tip my glass to you. It’s time for me to go get my birthday party started. Hopefully, this doesn’t all end with me drinking from the spit bucket…

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November 2, 2009, 11:57 PM
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Been to a wine tasting lately? Usually, the night starts off with formal wine tasting noting hints of cedar and light tannins. End the night requesting a double hit and giving the evil eye whenever your bartender gives you the light pour. On any of these occasions, unless you’re more serious than I or trying to impress your associates, I doubt that tasting notes are anything you’ve ever taken seriously. The last note I can ever remember writing after taking a sip of wine was simply, “Cool.” And regardless of what you write, who actually keeps these notes for reference later? Perhaps, one of those folks who insists on scrapbooking given any opportunity.

City Winery, NYC’s first operational winery, has decided to flip the script on the wine tasting process applying a bit of a digital edge to the entire process.

City Winery

City Winery, NYC

Instead of writing wine-tasting notes on little scraps of paper to be lost or used as wine-encrusted coasters, tasting notes will be tweeted by the crowd. Using a mobile phone and a twitter account, each taster will tweet reactions such as:

@dailymarauder: That last Pinot rocked my world harder than the East Village launch of Motorino.

The tweets will be aggregated and published locally and online by WineTwits for participants and others to read. Cool little social media meets wine experiment. I expect Crush It supporters to be in attendance.

100 wines. 35 Wineries. Many Tweets.

Location: City Winery

Date: Sunday November 8th

Price: $35: Buy here.

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart earned its second highest total viewer count of the year on Thursday with 2.3 million viewers (the largest viewer audience was on Inauguration Day with 2.6 million).  Why the big audience?  Stewart’s guest was CNBC host Jim Cramer.  The interview is also available on TheDailyshow.com site, which is reporting its highest traffic numbers in 2009. (Cynopsis 3/16)


Thomas Clarke, TheStreet.com’s CEO for the past decade, is leaving, effective immediately. The financial-media firm’s board is searching for a new CEO. Clarke’s abrupt exit comes amid co-founder Jim Cramer’s ongoing fracas with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart. (Iwantmedia 3/16, http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20090313/FREE/903139975 3/13)

“Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon is interviewing bloggers and showcasing gadgets in a digital embrace that may help draw hip, plugged-in consumers who don’t watch much television. Fallon has already interviewed Digg co-creator Kevin Rose and Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky. (Iwantmedia 3/16, http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-cotown-fallon16-2009mar16,0,5467182.story 3/16)

Not only are the Digg guys stars on Jimmy Fallon’s show, after witnessing the all out rock star madness at the SXSW Diggnation party, they’re surely becoming a formidable brand.  Perhaps the first credible online video series brand?  I’m sure the Gary Vaynerchuk fans will have something to say about that comment.


“60 Minutes,” at age 30, is back in a big way. Thanks to a renewed focus on hard news, along with some exclusive interviews, the audience is up to 15 million per episode. “Our success is a direct reflection of America’s hunger for news,” says executive producer Jeff Fager. (Iwantmedia 3/16, http://www.newsweek.com/id/189288 3/14)


ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos and Arizona senator John McCain will come together online for a “Twitterview” to be conducted on Tuesday. The public will be able to read the real-time 15-minute exchange by signing up at the microblogging site. (Iwantmedia 3/16, http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090313/ap_en_tv/na_us_twitter_stephanopoulos_mccain 3/13)

Reporting from the Twitter capital (Austin, TX), Twitter is reaching epic proportions while struggling to monetize itself.  Perhaps SXSW is the best place to see the advantages of a Twitterverse as my estimates are that at least 70% of the attendees are using it.  That said, as twitter reaches epic scale, how do we sort through the mass communication stream?


America‘s Next Top Model held auditions in New York City this past weekend, and before the day was over three people were arrested for inciting a riot and disorderly conduct and six others were injured.  At some point chaos broke out involving hundreds of people outside the Park Central New York hotel, reports the AP, though what exactly happened to create the free-for-all remains unclear.  Once it was all over, the street outside the hotel was strewn with clothing, sleeping bags, beach chairs and shoes, all left by several potential auditioners who had been waiting on line, many overnight.  This particular round of auditions were for shorter women, under 5’7″, the standard height minimum for previous ANTM auditions, and other auditions are schedule in several other cities across the US in the upcoming weeks. (Cynopsis 3/16).

TV Guide Network‘s season premiere of Idol Tonight delivered 325,000 households last Wednesday, marking a 26% increase over last season’s premiere.  Idol Tonight airs ever Wednesday at 8p with hosts Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini. (Cynopsis 3/16)


In consideration of the economy and wanting to remain relevant to its viewers, Today‘s Matt Lauer will take his annual Where in the World trip starting May 1st, but Lauer will remain in the United States, visiting a variety of affordable vacation sites. (Cynopsis 3/16)


Beginning today, Sci Fi Channel will be no more — it will become Syfy. The rebranding, which does not change the pronunciation of the channel, will be accompanied by the tag line “Imagine Greater” and will be rolled out for advertisers and agencies at NBC Universal’s upfront presentations. The New York Times (3/15)


Most traditional media professionals don’t understood digital media, says outgoing AOL chief Randy Falco. “Having spent two years at AOL, I would love to be able to go back to that industry knowing what I know. There are a lot of misconceptions about digital media.” (Iwantmedia 3/16, http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticle&art_aid=102085 3/13)

Last week’s News Corp. executive shakeup came as a shock to television industry insiders. The ouster of Fox Entertainment chief Peter Liguori is “shocking.” One network exec says that the jockeying for power is already intense. “The place resembles Iraq after the fall of Saddam.” (Iwantmedia 3/16, http://www.tvweek.com/news/2009/03/who_won_and_lost_in_the_news_c.php 3/15)

Discovery Channel and a few other cable networks are buying shows exclusively in high definition, even though many unscripted shows are still being produced in standard format and the economy is putting the pinch on other networks. One advantage for cable networks buying HD is they run their programs repeatedly, according to this article. Broadcasting & Cable (3/16)

Verizon is preparing an update to its FiOS-based widgets platform to enable third party developers to create applications for the platform, according to a post on Verizon’s PolicyBlog. Designers are testing new apps providing integrations with popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. (Cynopsis 3/16)

Time Warner, which owns cable networks such as TNT, TBS and HBO, will get more than $9 billion from its spinoff of Time Warner Cable. And that, according to Chief Financial Officer John Martin, will allow the company to consider well-researched M&A bids: “We’re going to be opportunistic and evaluate whether there are any acquisition possibilities, but we’ll be extremely disciplined in whatever we might do in that area,” he said. Broadcasting & Cable (3/16)

Hispanic Cable TV (+9.6%) and Cable TV (+7.8%) were the only two media to show ad growth in 2008 according to Nielsen. Cable was the highest CPM-based revenue-generating medium with $26.6 billion in sales. Internet advertising, not including paid search, text only, paid fee services, performance-based campaigns, sponsorships, barters, in-stream (“pre-rolls”) players, messenger apps, partnership advertising, email campaigns or house advertising activity, dropped by 6.4% in 2008. (Cynopsis 3/16)

U.S. Ad Spending -% Change 2008 vs. 2007
Media Category                                      Jan-Dec ’08 vs. Jan-Dec ’07 % Change
Hispanic Cable TV                                           9.6%
Cable TV                                                        7.8%
Spot TV Top 100                                            -0.3%
Syndication TV                                               -0.8%
National Sunday Supplement                           -1.9%
Hispanic Broadcast TV                                     -2.4%
Network Radio                                                -3.3%
Broadcast Network TV                                      -3.5%
Local Magazine                                                -3.7%
Spot Radio                                                      -4.0%
Spot TV 101-210                                             -4.6%
Outdoor                                                         -5.0%
FSI Coupon                                                    -5.2%
Internet*                                                       -6.4%
National Magazine                                          -7.6%
National Newspaper                                        -9.6%
Business to Business                                       -9.7%
Local Newspaper                                           -10.2%
Local Sunday Supplements                             -11.0%
TOTAL                                                            -2.6%
Source: The Nielsen Company

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