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Making the Tasty Treats

The first year my mother tried to make a turkey, she apparently over-stuffed the bird and a turkey powder keg blew a hole through the oven door exploding precious white meat all over the wall of our kitchen. Being that I had heard this story on numerous occasions, my first attempt at bird making was very well planned.

Here are a few sites to help get you started using language even the most beginner chef can understand. As an added bonus, after several years of trial-and-error, the Marauder kitchen recommends sage butter (and lots of it) underneath the skin. Also, when attempting to brine, soaking a bird in the crisper overnight is probably not the best idea…


Videos to impress the giblets out of your friends:

Amazing recipes itemized by course:

Wine Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk from Wine Library TV offers 12 wine selections to pair with the bird, a somewhat more difficult wine-pairing item.

Giving Thanks


Last year, Epic Change launched Tweetsgiving raising $11,000 for charity in 48 hours. Those donations were used to build a classroom in Tanzania. How’s that for giving thanks? This year, the bar has been raised to $100,000. While many are returning for their third plate of stuffing, Tweetsgiving will be raising awareness across social networks from YouTube to Twitter asking users what they are thankful for. Follow @tweetsgiving on Twitter and tweet about what you’re thankful for from now until the 27th using the hashtag “#tweetsgiving” at the end of your tweet.


Socialvibe donates to charity by marketing brands such as Kraft, Timberland, and Powerbar. Every time a brand is successfully marketed, charity benefits. At first, I thought this sounded a little sleazy. But really, marketers scream for your attention on a daily basis. At least in this case, charities benefit somewhere along the line.

Download the Thanksgiving Feast App to play. Every time you add a meal to the table, a real meal is provided through the UN World Food Programme.

Setting the Mood: Best Thanksgiving Song

Sure, this song is old but no has yet to top Adam Sandler on the joys of Thanksgiving.

Talking Tryptophan

Yet again this year, you can get your thanks on via many of your favorite social networks.

Get real-time cooking advice from the Butterball team either on their Twitter feed or Facebook page.

What to do when mom locks herself in the bathroom because your 35-year old brother insists on making fart noises at the table? Butterball may not have the answer for that one…

Get your spirit on with 23,000 of your other friends on the Thanksgiving fan page.

Mobile App Fun

iHost: Thanksgiving

Developed by a Rhode Islander (big-ups to my home state), iHost helps you get organized from menu, shopping list to budget. Their most recent update supposedly added recipes from local Newport, RI chefs. A little Rhode Island flavor has come to southern California. Very nice.

Chef’s Timer

If you’ve cooked with your iPhone in tow, as I always do, you know the device only has one timer. In most situations, that works just fine. But, what about situations where you have three side dishes and a turkey crammed into your tiny NYC oven while your friends stare at your assortment of tiny snacks in disdain? Yup…there’s an app for that.

Thanksgiving = Football

For those of you who know me, you understand why this comes last in the list. I know next to nothing about football. I do know that the grunting emanating from living rooms countrywide leads me to believe that you all care. This year, the NFL is offering a central portal for all 3 Thanksgiving games.

From Marauder’s home to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Yesterday afternoon, I got a chance to catch up with Tarikh and Josh from Uncommon Projects and ride the GPS-enabled Yahoo bike. They worked with Yahoo’s Buzz Marketing team to develop 20 of these bright purple bikes loading each with geek fabulous technology that this little blogstress can’t get enough of. Here’s a look at the on board tech:

Tech Out Your Roll


  • Nokia N95 phone with GPS and camera (lives within this box on the handlebars): The camera automatically snaps pictures every 1 -2 minute intervals on your ride. I particularly love the “Ride like a girl” sticker its former owner in Maine affixed to the bike. Rock on girl. The photos are automatically uploaded to a flickr account. Check out my Dumbo ride’s photo set here. Considering how much the bike shakes while in motion (especially on the cobblestones of Dumbo), the clarity of some of these photos was incredible.
  • Solar-Powered Battery System: Solar Panels on the back of the bike keep the N95 charged for up to 2 weeks on a single charge. Very nice.

My only request would be some speakers. I rode with a guy in Cali who had an iPod connected speaker which fit snuggly into his water bottle holder. I think we listened to M.I.A.’s Paper Planes at least 10 times from San Francisco to LA. Rolling ghetto blaster. Loves it.

The Ride


This photo was taken from the bike’s N95 camera. Click on either photo above or below for the entire trip’s Flickr photostream. First thing, perhaps don’t attempt a Yahoo bike ride wearing heels and a dress. Here lies my first mistake. Secondly, don’t attempt to ride down a cobblestone street and then try to cross exposed rail. Blarg! I bit it on the streets of Dumbo within 2 minutes of test driving the bike. Luckily, the bike took a sweet picture of the road after my fall (see below) and more importantly, I didn’t ruin the bike. Sigh.

The Fall


Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge


I first saw the bike last year when I noticed some pictures of the bright purple monster on a friend’s photo stream. Since then, I have begged Yahoo for my own, a request I have been assured will be fulfilled for the upcoming Bike NY in May. 40 miles, the bright purple monster, and me. Stay tuned for the photo stream and honk if you see bright purple, two wheels, and a Daily Marauder sticker. And perhaps don’t drive too close. I’m prone to fall…

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March 3, 2009, 10:48 PM
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Matt Stone and Trey Parker have signed a deal to make the first 9 seasons of South Park available for Netflix‘s Watch Instantly service, per the New York Times. Matt and Trey apparently met with Hulu and Joost but decided to go with Netflix instead because the deal included upfront cash rather than guarantees or advances on a share of future ad revenue. The two writer/producers, whose SouthParkStudios site has generated some 300 million views since launching last April, have a unique agreement with Comedy Central that gives them half of all non-TV revenue generated from the show. (Cynopsis 3/3)


Facebook investor Peter Thiel went public for the first time in Business Week affirming that acquisition talks between Facebook and Twitter did indeed occur last year but that they broke down over how to value the fast-growing social networking site. The deal, pegged in the $500 million range, would have been made using Facebook stock, the valuation of which has been a moving target. (Microsoft valued Facebook at $15 billion when it invested in the company in 2007 but secondary stock market sales of employee stock have pegged its value in the $2-$4 billion range.) (Cynopsis 3/3)


The Yahoo-owned Flickr is now letting users of the free online photo-sharing service upload video snippets in a budding challenge to Google‘s YouTube. “We are continuing to evolve the video experience to make it more compelling,” says Flickr head Kakul Srivastava. (Iwantmedia 3/3, http://tech.yahoo.com/news/afp/20090302/tc_afp/lifestyleusinternetfilmcompanyyahoo 3/2)


Eminem’s former publisher FBT Productions is suing Universal Music for more than $1.3 million for revenues from royalties and music downloads on iTunes. FBT makes a novel argument: it characterizes iTunes MP3 sales as part of its “licensing” agreement (which the artist splits 50/50 with the label) rather than its “distribution” agreement with Universal, which yields only 20 cents on the dollar. The case could open the door to other musicians looking to claim a larger slice of the iTunes pie. (Cynopsis 3/3


EQAL’s partnership with CBS is about to yield more forward-looking fruit. CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker is joining EQAL, the company behind lonelygirl15 and KateModern, to create a new multiplatform “Digi-novel” series designed to take advantage of the web’s interactive capabilities. Dark Chronicles will be the first in a series of novels to be published by Dutton on Sept. 8 and will also exist as a social website being developed by EQAL. Readers who buy the book will find codes at the end of every 5 chapters proving access to videos, audio files, photos and personal blog entries from Mr. Zuiker and an unnamed co-author. (Cynopsis 3/3)

Microsoft is testing a new version of its online search service internally under the name of Kumo. The service is not yet available outside the company, but may eventually be part of Microsoft’s attempt to catch up with search leaders Google and Yahoo. (Iwantmedia 3/3, http://kara.allthingsd.com/20090302/a-sneak-peek-look-at-microsofts-new-kumo 3/2)

Strange…looks like Google but with another kooky name.


Adult entertainment is not only seeing its DVD sales plummet as more consumers go online, it is also having its own version of a Napster moment. So-called “tube sites” — named for their emulation of YouTube — are eating away at the $13 billion industry. (Iwantmedia 3/3, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/03/02/DDFB160F55.DTL 3/2)

Video sharing site Dailymotion struck a distribution deal with Hulu to supply Dailymotion with more than 40,000 videos from its extensive library including full-length episodes from major studios. The content, displayed through Dailymotion’s interactive video player, will be presented in a curated fashion in channels including Funny, Film & TV, Music and Sports & Extreme. (Cynopsis 3/3)

As TechCrunch reported back in December, Oodle is taking over Facebook classifieds. The new service launches Wednesday and will be rolled out to Facebook users over the next sixty days. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/03/oodle-on-facebook-is-live 3/3)


Time Warner has inked a nonexclusive agreement with Adobe Systems to develop new DRM and Flash offerings for the Web portals of three of the media company’s top assets: Turner Broadcasting System, HBO and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The alliance will first play out at HBO.com, which, according to the announcement of the deal, soon will be relaunched to make “extensive use of the Adobe Flash platform.” CNET (3/2)

The White House is denying reports that its official Web site stopped putting YouTube videos on its pages after privacy advocates raised concerns. A spokesman insists it is now hosting President Obama’s video address on WhiteHouse.gov as a test of its own capabilities. (Iwantmedia 3/3, http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/02/white-house-denies-it-is-shunning-youtube 3/2)


Universal search and video search engine optimization firm EveryZing launched MediaCloud, describing it as the internet’s first cloud-based computing service for generating and managing all types of metadata. MediaCloud enables companies to post live or archived video, audio, or text content feeds and receive a rich set of metadata back they can use to tag their content including transcripts, time-stamped tags and geo-targeted and tagged thumbnails. (Cynopsis 3/3)

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WIRELESS by Marauder
February 6, 2009, 12:10 PM
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Samsung Mobile unveiled the industry’s first 8-megapixel camera phone, expected to retail for $300 by the end of this month. The Samsung Memoir, available exclusively for T-Mobile, features a touch-screen interface with a virtual QWERTY keyboard, a Xenon flash, 16x digital zoom and five shooting modes, bridging the gap between a full fledged digital camera and a 3G smartphone. Samsung developed a proprietary user interface with a new photo widget enabling easy photo sharing with popular online photo sites including Flickr, Photobucket and Snapfish. (Cynopsis 2/6)


Mobile devices and shrinking advertising dollars are the most disruptive forces in today’s media world, according to a survey of media execs by professional services firm KPMG. Also, most execs predict that advertisers will move much of their spending to social media in the next five years. (Iwantmedia 2/6, http://www.minonline.com/news/9879.html 2/5)

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January 8, 2009, 12:20 PM
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Showtime launched a cleanly designed new sign-up microsite featuring interactive elements, clips and full episode samplings of original shows. The site also integrates with Showtime’s new pages on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr to give passerby’s an idea the fun they are missing. (Cynopsis 1/8)


In more connected living room news, Samsung announced it is working on a new web-based content service scheduled for release this spring powered by a new “Widget Engine” created by Yahoo. The widgets will allow users to keep up with their accounts on Flickr, Yahoo News or Yahoo Finance as well as view content from YouTube, eBay, Showtime Networks and others. (Cynopsis 1/8)

Yahoo‘s widget engine will also power a new service called NetCast Entertainment Access on connected LG HDTVs. LG has also signed content deals with Netflix and YouTube. (Cynopsis 1/8)

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WIRELESS by Marauder
December 5, 2008, 8:09 PM
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Infectious, a startup we covered earlier this year that creates tough vinyl stickers for people who want to customize their cars, now offers the same product for walls, laptops and iPhones. For $10 you can change your phone into a piece of art. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/05/if-customizing-your-car-with-infectious-is-too-big-a-job-start-with-your-iphone-instead 12/5)


Amazon.com has launched an iPhone/iPod Touch application to streamline browsing and shopping on its site. The application includes an “Amazon Remembers” service, which lets users identify products they’d like to buy by saving a photo of the product taken using the iPhone’s camera, with the pics stored on both the app and Amazon’s Web site. San Francisco Chronicle/SF Unzipped blog (12/4)


Flickr has released a new version of its mobile site that affords several new features, most notably the ability to stream video clips up to 90-seconds in length. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/12/04/flickr-revamps-mobile-site-adds-video-streaming-support 12/4)


Virgin Mobile USA rolled out two new features for prepaid and conventional customers. “Connect” is a new social networking dashboard designed to give Helio members (recently acquired by Virgin) access to the latest updates from popular social media and networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. “Mobile Lounge,” provides a social network for Virgin Mobile USA customers to share ideas and opinions, offering microblogging capabilities, discussion boards, chat rooms, profile creation and contests. (Cynopsis 12/5)


SK Telecom has struck a deal with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution (WBITD) to launch the original shortform digital series Sorority Forever on its mobile platform in Korea. The series is available to SKT users via the Nate and June services on their mobile devices. (Cynopsis 12/5)

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This morning you likely woke up to a flurry of nearly identical messages in your Facebook News Feed prompting you to get out and vote – the result of what may have been largest unified online statement ever as nearly 1 million Facebook members simultaneously changed their status messages. The effort was put together by Causes, the altruistic Facebook and MySpace application, which asked Facebook users to “donate” their status messages in the hopes of getting more of their friends to the polls. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/11/04/causes-holds-largest-online-rally-ever-to-get-you-to-the-polls 11/4)


Amazon.com is partnering with retailers on an effort to cut down on the packaging required to ship goods. The online retailer will ship products in plain brown cardboard boxes and without extraneous boxes or plastically-sealed packaging inside. ClipSyndicate/KING-TV (Seattle) (11/3) , CNET (11/3) , The New York Times/Bits blog (11/3)


Netflix has decided to stop selling used DVDs to its customer base, instead deciding to focus its attention on its rental by mail and Watch Instantly services. “As you know, our core business is delivering great movie rentals to you on DVD by mail and instantly to the computer and TV, so we’ve decided it makes sense for us to focus exclusively on that,” the company stated in a Netflix blog post. CNET (11/3)


Trying to push through their search advertising deal, Google and Yahoo have revised the terms of the deal to satisfy antitrust objections by the Department of Justice, reports the WSJ (article behind the pay wall). The main concessions are putting 25 percent cap on the revenues that Yahoo can generate from the partnership and making it a two-year deal instead of a ten-year deal. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/11/03/google-and-yahoo-revise-deal-to-get-government-approval 11/4)


A Flickr user named Garrett Ryan Smith uploaded the 3 billionth photo to the site today. The last big milestone was 2 billion photos, a year ago.They’re well behind Facebook, with 10 billion. And they’re falling further behind – a year ago Facebook had just 4.1 billion photos. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/11/03/three-billion-photos-at-flickr 11/3)


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