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November 4, 2009, 1:10 PM
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October 22, in a parking lot in Ontario, Canada, a 62-year old woman driving a BMW SUV attempts to park. For some unknown reason, she ends up physically mounting her car onto two other cars parked in the lot. At this point, she casually reverses and calmly drives out of the lot without even so much as a , “Sorry I totally f-ked your car” note. Amazing.

What happens next involves a brand very intelligently responding to a bit of popular online video. One of the crushed cars happened to be a Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai responded by buying the owner a new car. They could have done more on the production value of the video but regardless, pretty awesome move for a car company. Just makes you hope that something equally awesome will happen to the other driver.

I still want to know what was happening in that BMW SUV. Cell phone distraction? Partial stroke? What? After witnessing someone drive into a friend’s parked car on the streets of LA, I am amazed at the lengths of driving stupidity. And by the way, the driver who slammed into my friend’s SUV did it with such force that the air bags deployed and he crushed the axel leaving the car un-drivable. Double amazing.

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Oprah announced Saturday on her website Oprah.com that viewers can register to attend the largest book club meeting ever. Oprah’s book club has been stagnant for a while, however this latest title ‘Say You’re One of Them’ with author Uwen Akpan is number 63 of the Oprah’s Book Club. (The Examiner 10/26)

Oprah Live Book Club

Bolstered by an investment from Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest media companies, the budding new-media mogul Michael Eisner is expanding his Web video studio. (NY Times 10/26)

Yahoo is losing more ground to its nemesis, Google, according to Barron’s. In short, Yahoo’s advertising revenues are on the decline while Google’s are rising. Yahoo is “cutting expenses to the bone and producing only ‘less bad’ results,” while rival Google is “pulling away.” (Iwantmedia 10/26, Barrons10/26)

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Netflix is putting Microsoft’s Silverlight video playback system to good use by offering “Watch Instantly” functionality under OS X “by the end of the year.”  In other words, if you have a Mac, you will finally have the ability to watch movies instantly on Netflix, functionality currently only available to PC-owners. (http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/10/26/macs-getting-netflix-watch-instantly-with-silverlight 10/26)

SlingMedia’s class=”snap_preview_icon”> ambitious new video portal, Sling.com class=”snap_preview_icon”>, is set to launch on November 10.  Sling.com enables users to both watch online video served up in channels but also watch video from a Sling box as well. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/10/26/slingcom-to-launch-on-november-10 10/26)

Today Amazon has launched a new storefront called WindowShop, which presents some of the store’s newest and most popular movies, books, and video games in a way that makes browsing the online megastore actually fun. Each product is displayed as a tile on a large grid, which users can pan across until they find something they’re interested in. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/10/27/amazons-windowshop-offers-a-sleek-interface-for-the-online-megastore 10/27)

Use cursor keys to navigate? Blasphemy!!  Well, actually no.  Wait, I love this.  I wish it was a bit faster but overall this sort of navigation wins when I’m window shopping rather than searching for a specific title.

Bootstrapped by Pete Field and based out of Whistler, B.C., Canada, HearWhere is a search engine for live music which was launched in May 2008 but has managed to stay largely under the radar.  The live-performance search engine claims to list over one million music shows. The service tells you who is playing nearby, but also plays the associated music, and subsequently links to the artist’s MySpace page. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/10/27/hearwhere-lets-you-discover-live-music-in-your-neighborhood 10/27)

I dig.  I dig primarily because the site knew I was in Nashville, TN and loaded results in this area straight away without me typing a single thing.  I have a dream. . .that all web sites will one day do all of my thinking for me.  And yes, I just channeled Martin Luther King Jr. for that sentiment.

NBC was #1 for the second straight week among Hitwise‘s ad supported broadcast network website rankings. NBC’s Heroes was the top-ranked TV show website while The Office jumped to the #2 spot from #6. Comedy Central’s South Park was the #1 ranked cable TV show website for the second straight week. The election also continues to play a huge role among adult-oriented cable TV sites. The network’s The Daily Show site jumped to the #2 ranking from #4. Meanwhile three Fox News sites made the top 10: Hannity & Homes, Hannity’s America and O’Reilly Factor. (Cynopsis 10/27)

Top Visited US Top Visited US Broadcast Network TV Sites (Week ending Oct. 18 2008)
Rank                Network Website    Market Share of Visits
1  NBC           www.nbc.com 29.64%
2  ABC             www.abc.com 26.16%
3  CBS             www.cbs.com 20.98%
4  FOX*            www.fox.com 14.25%
5 The CW      www.cwtv.com 7.86%
6 MNTV   www.mynetworktv.com 1.10%
Source: Custom report from Hitwise, *includes traffic aggregated from stand alone websites americanidol.com, amw.com, familyguy.com, thelot.com and thesimpsons.com.

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GAMING by Marauder
April 21, 2008, 8:57 PM
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Fans of MTV’s “Rock Band” video game and the classic metal group Judas Priest will be able to download a full album to play along with as they sing, “blast” guitar controllers or pound a fake drum kit. For the first full-album release with “Rock Band,” MTV will charge $15 for Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance,” while still allowing users to pay $2 apiece to download individual tracks. (Reuters 4/18)

Electronic Arts said it will extend its $2 billion offer for Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive by another 4 weeks after its hostile takeover bid failed to win shareholder approval. At the same time, EA threatened to lower its bid slightly to motivate the game publisher to sell. (Cynopsis 4/21)

Paramount Pictures’ “Iron Man” is expected to be a summer blockbuster. But it may find its early box office take hindered a bit since it will be released the same week as “Grand Theft Auto IV,” a much-anticipated video game from Take-Two Interactive. Both are aimed at young males. (Iwantmedia 4/21, http://www.nypost.com/seven/04202008/business/media_battle_on_tap_107324.htm 4/20)

Nintendo’s broadening demographic for its Wii console has propelled it to strong sales, but this group of gamers seems to feel less of an urgent need to snap up new games when they hit the market, according to this article, which points to industry statistics showing that owners of Wii consoles buy 3.7 games a year, while Xbox and PlayStation 3 owners buy 4.7 games and 4.6 games, respectively. (The New York Times 4/21)


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