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As of August ’08, over 60 million iPhone applications have been downloaded translating to over $360 million in new revenue for Apple if sales continue at the current pace. With all these iphone deals and new applications, it’s no surprise to encounter the unthinkable within the frenzy. Below is a list of our Daily Marauder Top 5 Strangest Applications.

#5: Beer

Love beer? Love popping bubble-wrap? I’m guessing a couple things about you. You live in a fraternity house. . .and you will love this app. The frat dudes’ ultimate dream: a cooler full of beer that never runs out. Simple? Perhaps. But what else are you supposed to do in college?

Price: $.99

#4: Hold on!

This is for those of you who are dealing with such immense boredom that you would hold down the ‘hold’ button on your iPhone for as long as humanly possible. Actually, now that I think of it, this would have helped me get through endless Sundays as a child.

Price: $.99

#3: Annoyance!

Want to annoy your cube-mate even more than the time you did this to his cube (see below)?

Well, there’s an iPhone application for you!! This app throws out a number of incredibly frustrating noises to annoy all of those around you. Some sample sounds include:

  • Jackhammer
  • Baby crying
  • Siren
  • Chainsaw
  • Slurping

I’m thinking of taking this to the movie theatre and eliciting a bed of sounds during critical moments in the movie. Ohhhhhh yeeah baby.

Price: $.99

#2: Lady Biz

Just for the ladies boys! For all the men out there, it will probably come as a complete surprise that, unless it happened within the past week, we don’t really know the date of our last period. Without fail, the gynecologist will ask the question leading to an embarrassing pause where we try to hearken back to earlier times and answer the ‘when’ and ‘the how long’. This app hopes to solve this and other ‘lady business’ problems. I’d be cool with it if it weren’t for the $14.99 price tag. I mean, seriously? I’ll learn to journal or something. . .

Price: $14.99

#1: iVoodoo

Don’t have space in your pocket for a real voodoo doll to torture your boss for making you work weekends? Eureka!!! There’s a solution for you. With iVoodoo, you can save up to 3 voodoo dolls, applying a photo from your photo library to represent the person you are applying pain and/or pleasure to. Creepy? Hell yes.

Price: $2.99

For the flipside and a list of our top 5 favorite apps, click here.

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You know who you are.  Biting chumps, sucking blood. . . .you’ve obviously watched 28 Days Later one too many times.  Every morning, I awake with grand expectations from my social networking profile, only to find it bogged down in application requests to hug someone, drop kick your mom, fight your knight, take a quiz, buy you a drink, etc.

Stop the insanity! 


I do miss Susan Power’s self-help infomercials.  In this case, “Eat, Breathe, Move” should be changed to “Eat, Breathe, Stop Sending Random Application Requests.”


In May 2007, Facebook released the Facebook Platform allowing developers to create applications exponentially increasing the innovation available on the site.


In November 2007, Google responded by releasing Open Social, their APIs (application programming interfaces) for any social network site that supports them including MySpace.com, Friendster.com, and Hi5.com. 

The biggest difference between them:

Facebook’s API allowed developers to create applications for the Facebook environment alone as compared to Google’s Open Social which allowed developers to create applications on a variety of social networking platforms simultaneously.

To be very fair, Open Social has not quite delivered on this promise.  In the beginning, it only worked on Google-owned social networking site Orkut and not well to boot.

Back to the problem at hand.  Marathon application requests.


I attempted to take matters into my own hands by joining a group which I thought clearly demonstrated my disgust with the zombie/vampire/pirate/werewolf applications.  The biting continued.

To be very fair, I was an application whore myself and probably still am to some degree.  In the heat of adding that Sex and the City Which Character Are You? application, I sometimes feel compelled to send to my friends. 

Here’s the really brilliant part about applications.  They’re so successfully viral because of the way that sharing them personalizes the sender.  I send you some application bringing the hotness and maybe, just maybe. . .you’ll think I’m super awesome because I also love Gossip Girl quotes.

Personalization is the underlying force behind sharing of any kind and hateration aside, a force that I can get behind.  So share away, but maybe limit those zombie requests.  On the flipside of positive branding, some applications can have negative branding forces instead.  I’m now going to go Hug It Out with someone. 

Ah, application love.   


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