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Google users may not turn up any News Corp. articles in their searches after the company launches its paid content strategy, according to comments made by Rupert Murdoch in a Sky News interview. Murdoch complained that search engine readers hold little value for print sites’ advertisers and again held up his Wall St. Journal site as an example of what the model would look like. (Only the first paragraph of news stories would come up in search engines.) “There’s not enough advertising in the world to make all the websites profitable. We’d rather have fewer people coming to our websites but paying,” said Mr. Murdoch.

Techcrunch reported that 25% of WSJ.com’s traffic comes from Google. That’s, in essence, what we’re talking about here: 25%. It’s a bit like Kraft taking all of it’s products off of supermarket shelves. And considering that WSJ has a deal with Google to allow users to read full article content when they search through the engine, it seems a bit like an about-face no?

In a continued housecleaning at Walt Disney Co., studio distribution veteran Mark Zoradi is leaving after 29 years. The departure of Zoradi, president of Disney’s motion pictures group, follows the ousting of his former boss, Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook, in September and Miramax Films President Daniel Battsek late last month. (LA Times 11/10)

LinkedIn and Twitter have linked up. Starting immediately, users of LinkedIn and Twitter can cross-file to each other’s services, by checking a box on either Twitter or LinkedIn. (Reuters11/10)

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November 9, 2009, 11:38 AM
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Last week Zynga CEO Mark Pincus said that they would take steps to remove scammy advertising offers from their social games. There have been a couple of missteps since then, and Facebook responded by taking Zynga’s newest game, FishVille, offline. (Techcrunch11/8)


Facebook app maker Zynga, the developer behind the wildly popular Farmville Facebook app, has a new virtual social networking app set in a fish bowl. (It may be tough to get into but keep trying – the app was overloaded over the weekend.) Instead of planting and harvesting crops, FishVille has users raise and feed colorful tropical fish. Earn money as you go along to buy more fish eggs, decorations and eventually a bigger tank. Zynga’s applications are successful because they provide addictive goals to results-oriented users and incorporate social aspects such as gifting that create such viral explosions on the platform. Zynga’s Farmville app is currently tops by a mile among Facebook apps, according to Inside Facebook’s independent metrics firm AppData. (Cynopsis 11/9)

Top 10 Applications on Facebook by Registered Users

Rank App                    Developer   Category        Users

1     Farmville             Zynga        Games         63,543,438

2     Causes                Causes       Education    35,222,871

3     Café World          Zynga        Games         28,378,477

4     Mafia Wars          Zynga        Games         26,269,933

5     Happy Aquarium CrowdStar Games         24,741,376

6     Pet Society          PlayFish     Games          21,503,624

7     FamilyLink.com   FamilyLink Friends/Fam.20,119,046

8     YoVille                Zynga        Games         19,765,144

9     Texas HoldEm     Zynga        Games       18,825,441

10    Farm Town         Slashkey     Games         18,430,454

Source: Appdata

Microsoft believes it has cracked the code on how best to bring advertising into the vast video-game universe. The software giant will host an Advertising Gaming Upfront at Lincoln Center in New York on Thursday, during which it will unveil several new partnerships. (Iwantmedia 11/9, Mediaweek11/8)

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Oprah announced Saturday on her website Oprah.com that viewers can register to attend the largest book club meeting ever. Oprah’s book club has been stagnant for a while, however this latest title ‘Say You’re One of Them’ with author Uwen Akpan is number 63 of the Oprah’s Book Club. (The Examiner 10/26)

Oprah Live Book Club

Bolstered by an investment from Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest media companies, the budding new-media mogul Michael Eisner is expanding his Web video studio. (NY Times 10/26)

Yahoo is losing more ground to its nemesis, Google, according to Barron’s. In short, Yahoo’s advertising revenues are on the decline while Google’s are rising. Yahoo is “cutting expenses to the bone and producing only ‘less bad’ results,” while rival Google is “pulling away.” (Iwantmedia 10/26, Barrons10/26)

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October 26, 2009, 11:00 AM
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A few months ago, Techcrunch wrote about mobile ad network Greystripe study that placed “iPhone moms” (mothers of young children who own iPhones) as one of the new and growing mobile advertising demographics on the street. In August, Greystripe claimed that iPhone moms made up 29.5% of all iPhone users. Today, the ad network is releasing a follow-up report which offers detailed behavioral characteristics of moms in their iPhone ad network. (Techcrunch10/26)

mom iPhone

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VoxPop.TV, a site where users can build their own games and make money on them through advertising, is bringing in $1.5 million in a new round of funding led by Hearst Interactive Media. Time Inc.‘s Entertainment Weekly has used VoxPop’s platform to produce quizzes. (Iwantmedia 5/20, http://venturebeat.com/2009/05/19/voxpoptv-lands-15m-for-pop-culture-gaming/ 5/19)


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YouTube is blocking all music videos to U.K. users after failing to reach a new licensing agreement with the Performing Right Society, Britain’s music royalty-collecting body. The group says the move “punishes the songwriters whose interests we protect.” (Iwantmedia 3/10, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7933565.stm 3/10)

Proving that I will finally be able to do Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance better than my British counterparts.  Suck it UK…


Google’s advertising business appears to be under increasing pressure as fewer shoppers search for products online and advertisers spend less. CEO Eric Schmidt admits that the economic situation is “pretty dire” and that his company is “not immune” to current conditions. (Iwantmedia 3/10, http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20090309-711758.html 3/9)

Users of Bravoforfoodies.com and Oxygen.com have access to Cookstr’s collection of recipes, thanks to a new partnership with NBC Universal‘s Bravo Media and Oxygen Media. According to this report, viewers will be able to see recipes from Bravo’s “Top Chef” celebrities as well as recognized top chefs Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver, Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Broadcasting & Cable (3/9)

A great site for finding some recipes for those random ingredients lurking in your fridge.  You can search by ingredient, chef, or recipe.  Very nice.  Now, all I have to do is stop buying the random key lime curd at Dean & Deluca…


ESPN’s ESPN360.com online portal has introduced a new advertising feature that provides brands with more dynamic commercial capabilities and better reporting on how many viewers are streaming those ads. The new wrinkle, which debuted March 6, during college basketball’s Championship Week, also allows ESPN the ability to run more varied spots in a greater number of pods. Mediaweek (3/9) , The Wall Street Journal (3/10)

This graphic scares me…so I thought I would bring it to you…to spread the fear around.


While sites such as Facebook and Yahoo remain very popular, marketers are shifting advertising dollars toward sites such as those owned by Meredith and NBC, according to digital ad agency Razorfish. Portals aren’t necessary “to achieve scale.” (Iwantmedia 3/10, http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=135095 3/9)

Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore says she is considering making the publisher’s most successful Web sites, such as Time.com and People.com, subscription-based. “Someone has to pay for the Baghdad bureau.” She admits she does not know whether it will work. (Iwantmedia 3/10, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/mediatechnologyandtelecoms/4963568/Times-Ann-Moore-looks-to-internet-subscriptions.html 3/10)

In its ongoing effort to unlock value from the $850 million acquisition of Bebo, AOL People Networks announced the launch of its Bebo U.S. Latino site. Built on its new Lifestream platform that enables users link to their accounts at YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook or MySpace, the site also features videos, photo galleries, polls, quizzes, and surveys from partners Hearst Magazines Digital Media and AOL Latino, AOL’s bilingual portal for U.S. Hispanics. (Cynopsis 3/10)

Social networking, defined as “member communities,” has an active reach of 67% as compared with 65% for e-mail, per a Nielsen study. The audience for social nets and blogs also is rising at twice the pace of portals, e-mail, search and other key sources of Web traffic, according to Nielsen. Adweek (3/9)

Two online teen brands have joined at the hip. Fast growing Sweden-based virtual doll site Stardoll (27 million users/month) and its new sister site Paperdoll Heaven has merged with teen-targeted social network Piczo (which claims 30 million registered users -including long inactive ones – mostly in the UK and the U.S.) The three sites will form the Stardoll network as a single platform for advertisers. (Cynopsis 3/10)

The largest U.S. cable TV providers added 3.2 million broadband subscribers in 2008, about 1 million more than their telecom rivals, according to a study by Leichtman Research Group. Comcast, the largest cable company, led the way with 1.3 million adds. CED Magazine (3/2009)

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Photo: Barton Silverman/The New York Times

For me, the Super Bowl is less about this (above) and more about this (below).


This year, I was even more excited for the ads as 2 of them were to be screened in 3D. But then, why did the commercial breaks come and go leaving me feeling like the day after a bad New Year’s party? Overall, this Super Bowl was a general dud in the ad department but a gleaming diamond in terms of the game. Even I, who generally spends the game wondering what the hell is going on, was screaming as The Steelers turned it all around in the final moments.

But back to the ads. There were some Rubik’s Cubes in the rough. I have to leave out the two 3D ads as my local CVS didn’t have the glasses. Shocker. Click here or on the Super Bowl ad image above to watch all of the ads from the Super Bowl and rate on Hulu.

The Good

Pepsi: Pepsuber


My favorite commercial is one part, popular SNL skit MacGruber and one part, Pepsi commercial. For final flair, MacGyver makes a cameo in the spot. Jazz hands.

Hulu: Alec in Huluwood


Alec Baldwin can do no wrong and his comedic genius comes through yet again in this spot. Baldwin takes you into the Hollywood sign for a rare look inside Huluwood. I think perhaps the spot was reaching a bit only at the end. Loving it, loving it, loving it, wha?!

Pepsi: Refresh Anthem


Way to stick it to Coke and tug at my heart strings simultaneously. And modeling your new logo after Obama’s campaign logo? Ingenious.

The Ugly

Careerbuilder.com: Tips


For an American population with general lack of focus, perhaps they thought the redundancy angle was a good one. But really, the repetition in this commercial just made me want to hurl my television out my 8th floor window. If you hate your job and this commercial, blame Careerbuilder. By far, the worst commercial of the night.

Teleflora: Talking Flowers


So, I’m trying to envision the marketing meeting where it was decided that this commercial was a good idea. Flowers = Feeling bad about myself. Genius. The flowers this woman receives berate her while all of her co-workers watch. Way to SUCK the fun out of Valentine’s Day Teleflora. Debbie Downer, party of one? Debbie Downer.

Castrol Oil: Edge Monkeys


One world: Creepy.

The Best of the Best

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker aired during the Super Bowl in 2003.  This Reebok ad is still the best ad for me in terms of storyline.  If you ask Reebok though, it wasn’t a success.  Apart from being a hysterical commercial with a fantastic storyline, the ad lacked a direct call-to-action and ended up doing nothing for Reebok’s bottom line.  Still, you kill the joe, you make some mo’.  I pour one out for Terry Tate…

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