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For me, the Super Bowl is less about this (above) and more about this (below).


This year, I was even more excited for the ads as 2 of them were to be screened in 3D. But then, why did the commercial breaks come and go leaving me feeling like the day after a bad New Year’s party? Overall, this Super Bowl was a general dud in the ad department but a gleaming diamond in terms of the game. Even I, who generally spends the game wondering what the hell is going on, was screaming as The Steelers turned it all around in the final moments.

But back to the ads. There were some Rubik’s Cubes in the rough. I have to leave out the two 3D ads as my local CVS didn’t have the glasses. Shocker. Click here or on the Super Bowl ad image above to watch all of the ads from the Super Bowl and rate on Hulu.

The Good

Pepsi: Pepsuber


My favorite commercial is one part, popular SNL skit MacGruber and one part, Pepsi commercial. For final flair, MacGyver makes a cameo in the spot. Jazz hands.

Hulu: Alec in Huluwood


Alec Baldwin can do no wrong and his comedic genius comes through yet again in this spot. Baldwin takes you into the Hollywood sign for a rare look inside Huluwood. I think perhaps the spot was reaching a bit only at the end. Loving it, loving it, loving it, wha?!

Pepsi: Refresh Anthem


Way to stick it to Coke and tug at my heart strings simultaneously. And modeling your new logo after Obama’s campaign logo? Ingenious.

The Ugly

Careerbuilder.com: Tips


For an American population with general lack of focus, perhaps they thought the redundancy angle was a good one. But really, the repetition in this commercial just made me want to hurl my television out my 8th floor window. If you hate your job and this commercial, blame Careerbuilder. By far, the worst commercial of the night.

Teleflora: Talking Flowers


So, I’m trying to envision the marketing meeting where it was decided that this commercial was a good idea. Flowers = Feeling bad about myself. Genius. The flowers this woman receives berate her while all of her co-workers watch. Way to SUCK the fun out of Valentine’s Day Teleflora. Debbie Downer, party of one? Debbie Downer.

Castrol Oil: Edge Monkeys


One world: Creepy.

The Best of the Best

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker aired during the Super Bowl in 2003.  This Reebok ad is still the best ad for me in terms of storyline.  If you ask Reebok though, it wasn’t a success.  Apart from being a hysterical commercial with a fantastic storyline, the ad lacked a direct call-to-action and ended up doing nothing for Reebok’s bottom line.  Still, you kill the joe, you make some mo’.  I pour one out for Terry Tate…

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The premiere of 30 Rock last Thursday on NBC seems to indicate a similar win/win relationship between online and on air views. Following the viral explosion of Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonations on SNL, the show was watched by a record 8.5 million viewers (4.1 rating/10 share in 18-49 demo)  – a huge boost from last season’s average audience of 6 million. (Cynopsis 11/3)

Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” for Macs is now live. (http://www.crunchgear.com/2008/11/02/netflix-mac-beta-now-open-better-hurry 11/2)

Techcrunch has received a couple of anonymous tips that DirectTV, a $24 billion satellite TV provider, may be entering the online TV wars with a new site called DirectTV Web On Demand. The site would compete with startups like Hulu, Joost, Fancast, Sling.com, etc. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/11/01/directtv-may-enter-online-tv-war-with-web-on-demand-service 11/1)

MTV‘s Choose or Lose campaign enters the home stretch today as the network plans to utilize the latest interactive social tools the cover the election on Nov. 4 & 5:

  • ChooseorLose.com, MTV.com and MTVNews.com will feature a real-time TwitterVision map of the U.S. including Twitter messages from young people, SMS messages from viewers and messages and videos from the campaign’s crew of 51 citizen journalists
  • MTV News will have teams on the ground in New York, Chicago, and Phoenix providing man on the street interviews
  • MTV/Knight Street Team 08 reporters from 15 battleground states will broadcast live
  • mobile-to-web coverage including in-depth videos, blogs and Twitter updates
  • Two MTV citizen journalists will take part in the first-ever AP continuous live video stream, “Big Issue: Election Results,” available to some 2,000 Web sites of newspapers via AP’s Online Video Network (Cynopsis 11/3)

Looking for novel ways to monetize online video, MTV Networks today was expected to announce a plan to link advertising to the segments of shows such as “Punk’d” and “The Daily Show” that are uploaded by MySpace users. MTVN will partner with a high-tech startup called Auditude to make the effort work seamlessly. Los Angeles Times (11/3) , The Wall Street Journal (11/3)

Win or Lose John McCain scored high ranks among viral video fans for his comic timing and depreciating sense of humor. The Presidential hopeful appeared live with Tina Fey (as Sarah Palin) on SNL over the weekend in a mock QVC infomercial. (Cynopsis 11/3)

Eh.  I thought it was actually painful to watch.  The highlight of McCain’s appearance over the weekend was really his wife Cindy’s Vanna White-like vibe.

Professionally-themed social network LinkedIn launched a number of new applications to help members customize their profiles, share information and create project-based entries. Box on LinkedIn shares files within your network. Amazon on LinkedIn allows you to discover what your network is reading. TripIt on LinkedIn allows you see where your network is traveling. SixApart on LinkedIn updates members’ blog posts. (Cynopsis 11/3)

Instant messaging and chat provider Meebo will integrate embeddable Meebo chat rooms into Comedy Central’s Indecision2008.com to host live user commentary during election and post-election television coverage. The network will promote Meebo on-air on Nov. 4 directing amateur pundits to the site to weigh in with their opinions. (Cynopsis 11/3)

People-search engine Wink has joined forces with Reunion.com, a hybrid people-search/social networking site, to create one giant hub for finding people you once knew but forgot to keep in touch with. The two companies have merged and will be launching a new website (and brandname) in early 2009, which the sites say will feature a total of 700 million user profiles. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/11/03/old-friends-wink-and-reunioncom-reconnect-merge 11/3)

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May 9, 2008, 7:20 PM
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NBC is streaming full episodes of “The Office” and “30 Rock” to the Apple iPhone, without advertising, in unprotected Quicktime format. The presence of NBC content on the iPhone is seen as “counterintuitive.” Hulu streams NBC content in Flash, which is not supported by the iPhone. (Iwantmedia 5/9, http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/5/nbc_free_full_episodes_of_the_office_and_30_rock_for_iphones 5/7)

LOVE THIS.  But in my testing, I unfortunately couldn’t get the one episode offered to load in my phone.  Grrrrr.

One of the more useful integration tools for the mobile phone is Shozu, a mobile social media service that connects users to social networks, blogs, photo storage sites and other destinations. The app offers one-click, full-resolution photo and video uploads and integration to a growing number of cool sites including new additions Twitter, Photobucket, Dailymotion and Seesmic. (Cynopsis 5/9)

The social networking revolution is going mobile, particularly in the U.S and UK, according to new findings from Nielsen Mobile. Over 4 million mobile subscribers accessed their social networking profiles during the month of Dec. (1.6%) while 812,000 checked them in the UK per month on average in the UK during Q1. (Cynopsis 5/9)

For $10 a month, drivers can access real-time traffic information in Verizon Wireless’ latest update to its VZ Navigator. The company has launched Version 4 of the service in 75 cities — with more to come in the next year — that will feature 3-D map views, movie and events listings, weather and local gasoline prices in addition to data on traffic accidents, detours and congestion. (Mobiledia 5/8)


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