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YouTube can now be widely accessed through an application on most Window Mobile and Nokia S60 devices. You can visit m.youtube.com from your phone to download the app. (http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/03/20/youtube-mobile-tweaked-for-windows-mobile-and-nokia-phones 3/20)


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A common scenario that apparently none of the absent-minded developers of this “app” considered:
Someone sends you a link to a youtube video in an email. You click on the link, and damn! the web browser opens up and you don’t get to view the video in your fancy new youtube app. Not a biggie, as I’m not expecting things to ever be that slick in WinMo, but the real insanity that boggles my mind is how someone could be so idiotic as to make a youtube app that doesn’t allow youtube URLs to be used to find videos. After selecting the link, copying the URL, and manually opening the youtube app, I find that not only is there no way to use this youtube URL to view the video, but they don’t even support copy and paste in the search field! WTF?!?

I realize I can use the default winmo keyboard to do a CTRL+V and get the copied URL pasted in, but most people probably aren’t that resourceful, not to mention that the search will turn up nothing anyway.

Basically, the best way to find that video that your friend sent you a link to, is to follow the link in your browser, select and copy the title of the video, open up the youtube app and click in the search field, switch to the stylus-requiring winmo standard keyboard that you never use, break out the stylus (which you might have out already if you needed it to select the video title in the browser) and tap the CTRL button followed by “V”. Now your search will hopefully turn up the video that you had the exact URL of originally. Awesome. Way to go google/youtube programmers!

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