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“Caroline” Copyright 2009 Matt Held and Held Studios. All rights reserved.

Here’s the painting.


And here’s the original.  Original Facebook profile pic that is.  Brooklyn artist Matt Held has been painting Facebook profile pics with the objective of collecting paintings that mirror individual self-portraits.  These paintings are a statement on how we choose to represent ourselves in public and I think a really interesting one.

Social networking sites have given us the ability to create a virtual representation of ourselves filled with our favorite bands, books, and friends.  The most visual representation of this re-creation lies in the profile picture which is carried throughout every conversation on every profile page throughout the social networking universe (i.e. the most important visual in many respects).


This one is my favorite.  Click on the image above to see more of Matt’s work on his web site.

To get your own Matt Held original, sign up for the Facebook group and cross your fingers.  Matt wants to paint 200 portraits when he finishes with this project and over 500 people have already joined his Facebook group.

He has no plans to exhibit his work just yet but will be speaking at the Brooklyn Museum of Art Saturday March 7th about the project if you’re in the NYC area.  He will also be selling these so if you’re interested in purchasing one, contact Matt on his web site.

Daily Marauder has been granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the copyrighted image for personal use only. Any other use of the image or derivations thereof, including any commercial use, without explicit written consent from the copyright owner is strictly prohibited.

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