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This morning, I found a MUCH improved situation when I visited the 5th Avenue and Soho Apple stores in NYC.  Both lines wrapped around the block and the media was out in true feeding frenzy form.  Here are some pics from this morning’s adventures.

5th Avenue Store NYC: The Line

The Crowd

See mom, cool kids like iPhones too!  Check out the man on the left and admire the shoes. . .as they so obviously compliment his friend’s pants.

iPhone Love

I swear I didn’t stage this.  All three men don’t know each other and all three men are completely engaged in their iPhones. Ah, love. . .

In my morning conversations with folks in line, I found that 75% of the people I spoke to (extremely limited obviously) had a 1st generation iPhone and were upgrading to the 3G.

#1 in Line: The Who Farm Guy

As Engadget covered earlier in the week, Thewhofarm have been waiting since the weekend for the 3G iPhone.  OK, they’re not really so much waiting for the iPhone as much as they’re trying to drum up press for their organization.  The group supports organic farming and hopes to plant an organic farm on the lawn of the White House.  When asked who they support for President, they claim to be non-partisan even though several of the members voiced support for Obama (shocker).

Minutes before 8AM when the iPhone went on sale, Daniel Simon from the group evangelized in front of the store walking back and forth carrying a Macbook much to the chagrin of nervous security guards.

Here’s my favorite pic of the group taken earlier in the week. . .proving that yoga truly can be done anywhere.

The Ovation

As the first members in line walk through the doors to the store, they are greeted by clapping and cheers from Apple Geniuses in orange shirts.  Nice touch.

The Soho Store NYC: The Line

Despite some frustration given the store’s server going down, all in line were in high spirits.

Will I upgrade to the 3G?



  • I value my cheap monthly plan.
  • I think the mapping functionality on my current phone, while lacking GPS, is adequate.
  • The new 3G, while faster, doesn’t have pix messaging, a video camera, longer battery life or a removable battery, and cut/paste features.  I’m not sayin. . .I’m just sayin.
  • Apple = innovation.  This product just doesn’t rise too far above their last game-changer.  Oh, and that white plastic back reminds me of white disco boots from the seventies. . .and not in a good way.

Here’s my favorite piece of video from the day.  Captured at the 5th Avenue NYC store, a man tells the line they are going to hell if they purchase an iPhone.  I’m fairly certain that my God wants me to have an iPhone.  Otherwise, I’m switching gods.

Many thanks to Elavia (pictured with groovy van below) and Eileen from IZZE for allowing me to roll with them and drink tons of free product.

For information on the upgrades on the 3G iPhone, click here.  For information on the 2.0 software upgrade, click here.

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